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slipping away Liberal Cities Sue Federal Govt Over ‘Law & Order’

Our Country Is Slipping Away

June 21, 2021 0

Our Country Is Slipping Away by Pete Ketcham As I read the news on the web, listen to statements by “conservative” Republican politicians, listen to conservative talk show hosts (15 hours a day if you […]

Who Is The Real Threat?

Who Is The Real Threat?

June 20, 2021 0

Who Is The Real Threat? By Mike Huckabee Watch former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi tell (of course) MSNBC that to fight “domestic terrorism,” the feds may have to go after people “around the […]

Before You Take Action in This War, Have a Plan

Before You Take Action in This War, Have a Plan

June 8, 2021 0

Before You Take Action in This War, Have a Plan by John D. Guandolo ACT – REACT – COUNTERACT When it comes to the massive corruption, apathy, incompetence and criminal negligence of local, state, and federal […]

A Wave of Anti-Semitism

A Wave of Anti-Semitism

May 22, 2021 0

A Wave of Anti-Semitism By Mike Huckabee I have always believed that words have consequences, so you should choose them carefully. Many on the left take that to an extreme and claim that words are […]


Decent Into Chaos by Pete Ketcham

November 2, 2020 2

Decent Into Chaos by Pete Ketcham We have now arrived at a place in the history of our nation, never seen before, since the Civil War. The rioting, burning, and looting we are seeing in […]

Florida Re-Opens!

Florida Re-Opens!

September 25, 2020 3

Florida Re-Opens! by Shari Dovale Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is stepping up to the podium and showing true leadership by re-opening his state. DeSantis announced today that Florida will lift restrictions on restaurants and other […]

who Mayor Ted Wheeler Encourages Anarchy in Portland

Antifa – Who are they?

August 13, 2020 0

Antifa – Who are they? By: Maureen Paterson They are few compared to us. Who are they? Antifa is an extremist neo-Marxist Communist-anarchist movement1 whose aim is to overthrow the US government. The term “Antifa” […]

No Safe Spaces

June 26, 2020 0

No Safe Spaces “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people”-John Adams On Saturday, June 27th, Northwest Liberty Academy will be hosting a seminar at our state capitol in the Lincoln Auditorium. […]

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