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Post Election Battle by Pete Ketcham

We as a nation today, are as clearly divided as the North and South were during the civil war.


Post Election Battle

by Pete Ketcham

I recently read a very informative article by John Yoo, a law Professor at U of C Berkeley concerning the constitutional procedure of selecting the president if the upcoming presidential election is contested (caused by the delay of mail-in voting, fraud, recounts, etc.). The link to his article is: John Yoo

What ever the procedure, it will be exploited by the Democrats to prevent Trump from being sworn in as president. It is all summed up by John Yoo’s last statement in his article: “Election Day could be just the start of a new phase in a prolonged fight for control of the White House, rather than the conclusion of a long campaign.”

I am sure that we will indeed be in for a “prolonged fight for control of the White House”. But it will not just be a political fight relegated to Washington DC, but a complete upheaval of normal life for the citizens of this nation.

It is very possible that the riots we now see will grow in size, and will encompass many more cities and towns. There may be increased counter demonstrations by apposing armed militias and rioters, which would create a high probability of massive “shootouts” leaving multiple individuals dead and wounded.

During this post election period of uncertainty and upheaval in our nation, the functions and authority of the federal government may not be honored by states and individuals, all of which would leave Trump ( who would still be president) no choice but to enact some type of federal control such as (martial law, Insurrection Act, Posse Comitatus).

What we are seeing in Portland today is a precursor of what may be coming throughout our nation. We as a nation today, are as clearly divided as the North and South were during the civil war.

The liberal left, led by the Democrat party (Political Terrorist Organization) is determined to convert our nation into a godless, socialist nation, and the conservative right, led by the Republican party is fighting to retain our constitutional republic.

Thus we may be on the cusp of a civil war, sparked by the forthcoming post election battle, as both sides have already declared they will not accept the election results if they are declared the looser.


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1 Comment on Post Election Battle by Pete Ketcham

  1. Mr Ketcham’s forecast is highly credible..You’d have to be blind not to see parallels with the late 1850s…Different issues, of course, but the same seething alienation and division..It’s a powder keg, and the fuze will be lit on Nov 3…Will you find yourself isolated and behind enemy lines if conflict should break out ? It’ll be best, perhaps, to vote – in person that is – then go to join friends , a gathering of forces…

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