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BREAKING: Court Rules Engel Can Depose Dan Love and Larry Wooten

we look forward to hearing the full and complete account from the whistleblower, BLM Special Agent Larry Wooten

Larry Wooten

BREAKING: Court Rules Engel Can Depose Dan Love and Larry Wooten

by Shari Dovale

Years after being released from a 4.5 year unlawful incarceration, Todd Engel has been granted some justice, though not all that he requested.

Engel was unjustly prosecuted and incarcerated for actions during the Bunkerville Protest in 2014. He filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the agents of this unlawful and unconstitutional persecution. Through delays, etc the case has been extended for more than 2 years.

This week has shown him some relief.

The suit included filings against AUSAs Nadia Ahmed, Steven Myhre, and Daniel Bogden for their deceptive practices.

On February 24, 2015, Special Agent Willis “attempted to ‘correct’” Officer Brunk’s prior statement by having him “clarify” that he had not been a spotter/observer for a BLM sniper, despite knowing that Officer Brunk’s “prior witness statement was true and correct.” Id.

¶¶ 31–32. This attempt to “conceal [the] truth and shroud [Government Employees’] own misconduct” was done at the direction of AUSAs Ahmed, Myhre, and Bogden to “ensure that the [Government Employees’] ‘version of events’ matched the fabricated record … presented to the grand jury” that Defendant “did not deploy snipers.” Id.

The District Court in Nevada has ruled that Engel cannot hold accountable the actions of the AUSAs Ahmed, Myhre, and Bogden because the actions of these government officials are protected under Federal law.

To be clear, the court DID NOT rule that the actions were acceptable or even legal. They only ruled that, under the constitutional doctrine of prosecutorial immunity, they cannot be sued for these actions. In other words, the Federal Government allows their employees to behave with deplorable and wanton disregard for the citizens of this country and the Constitution of the United States.

However, there were other rogue government forces at work with these AUSA prosecutors. Included in this list are FBI Special Agent Joel Willis; BLM Special Agent in Charge (“SAC”) Daniel Love; and BLM Officers Rand Stover and Mark Brunk. They have not been granted the same immunity as the forementioned counterparts.

It has been shown that the illegal tactics used by these government representatives was violent and meant to entrap as many peaceful protesters as possible.

(emphasis added) The Operation was carried out at the Government Employees’ direction, and “BLM SAC Love and Officer Stover determined that violent, aggressive, excessive and authoritarian tactics would force Cliven Bundy and his supporters (including Plaintiff Engel) to react or otherwise respond physically, and thereby ‘justify’ the [Government Employees’] planned use of force in the [Operation].”

However, a whistleblower came forward to bring to light the atrocities that were committed by the government.

¶¶ 15–16. “[A] whistleblower memorandum authored by BLM Special Agent Larry Wooten in November 2017 expressly documented and memorialized … Love’s stated intention to violently kick Cliven Bundy in the mouth as other BLM agents arrested him and took him to the ground.”

The illegal actions committed by the government were not limited to the events in April 2014.

AUSAs Ahmed, Myhre, and Bogden, and Special Agent Willis also directed an undercover FBI operation named “Longbow Productions,” in which “masqueraded FBI undercover agents falsely posed as a film crew making a documentary” and “entice[d]” Plaintiff Engel and others “with alcohol, money and other goods and favors to exaggerate their” involvement in the standoff to increase the likelihood of securing convictions in the Underlying Action. Id.

¶¶ 50–52. The undercover operation “successfully deceived” various individuals into participating in “staged” interviews, which were “selectively edited and later used” in the Underlying Action. Id. ¶ 53.

Another bad actor was Jon Anderson. He decided that since Engel was incarcerated and unable to defend his own property, that he should take control of said goods.

From Todd Engel: The Office of Inspector General was sent a Complaint of these crimes and violations in the spring of 2021. They sent us a letter stating that they were sending this to the DOJ and FBI for further investigation. The FBI sent us a letter stating that they couldn’t care less that their employee had stolen dozens of weapons and was selling stolen rifles and handguns on the streets of America and was in possession of ATF regulated suppressors.

See: Federal Theft – The Todd Engel Story Continues

So, though the prosecutors were able to deflect their own atrocious behavior onto the FBI and BLM, it does stand that someone will have to answer for this abuse.

The Complaint’s claims that remain pending are the malicious prosecution, false arrest, false imprisonment, conversion/theft, and IIED claims with respect to only the alleged actions of the FBI agents and BLM agents and officers.

We look forward to SAC Dan Love and the others coming before Engel and the world for deposition/testimony on their actions. Even more so, we look forward to hearing the full and complete account from the whistleblower, BLM Special Agent Larry Wooten.


Read the Ruling Here

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