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Constitution Party Candidate Announces For Idaho House

"I will be a responsible Representative and accountable to my stated values," ~Paul Thompson

Constitution Party Candidate Announces For Idaho House

Constitution Party Candidate Announces
For Idaho House


Twin Falls, ID, March 9, 2020: Paul Thompson announced today that he is a candidate for District 24, Seat A, in the Idaho House of Representatives on the Constitution Party of Idaho ticket. Paul has been a resident of Twin Falls since 2001. Paul married Renee in 1986 and they raised their two boys in Idaho. Both sons are now married and raising their own families in Twin Falls.

“As a values voter, I look for someone who is consistent with their party platform and in alignment with my values. Obviously that means I am often in conflict over who I might vote for; and from the age of 18, voting has been a priority for me. I was an Independent for most of my voting days, usually voting Republican and upon occasion willing to vote 3rd party. Historically, I have been pleased to support the Republican candidates because the party platform was the closest expression of my values. However, when there is lack of accountability from the party there begins a shift. The shift of some candidates happens slowly and without notice, until everyone wakes up one day and wonders ‘how did we get here?’”

As a principled voter, Paul will strive to be a responsible representative.

“I want a party to hold its candidates accountable to the platform when they are elected. I want the voter to know that the person they elected to represent them at the statehouse will do so, consistently and in line with what they told voters when asking for their support. That is the kind of people I look for when I’m voting and it is the kind of Representative I want to be.”

Paul will continue as the senior preaching pastor of Eastside Baptist Church, as he has since June of 2001. Paul has been an active advocate on many issues that have given him an understanding of the necessity of a responsible Representative.

Paul will strive to be principled in his representation and act with integrity to the people, while not usurping the constitution.

“If you want a limited government, then you will want someone like me to represent you and our shared values at the statehouse; but if you think an unlimited government is what you want then any of the others will do. If you value life from fertilization to natural death, without exception, choose me; but if you have no regard for your preborn neighbor then any of the others will do. If you want to make the decisions regarding your children’s education and what is best for them, then elect me; but if you want the government to decide this for you, any of the others will do. If you want to be represented at the statehouse by someone who shares these values, then stop voting for the others and vote for me on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 for Idaho State Representative, District 24 – Seat A. I will be a responsible Representative and accountable to my stated values according to the Constitution Party of Idaho Platform.“

Paul will aim to be known as a friend of the constitution.


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