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Out with the Old Government, In with the New

The government has stolen our rights and exercised emergency powers in a despotic manner.

Out with the Old Government, In with the New

Out with the Old Government, In with the New

by Roger Whitten

Our Declaration of Independence expresses the truths that all Americans believe in: the individual is endowed by the Creator with inalienable rights; the purpose of government is to secure these rights; that whenever government becomes destructive of individual rights, it is the right, it is the duty, of the people to throw off such government.

The year 2020 has seen government criminalize the exercise of individual rights. Under the pretext of protecting us from a virus, the government has stolen our rights and exercised emergency powers in a despotic manner. The overall death rate proves that no emergency exists; but, even if a plague did exist, government cannot lawfully violate its primary purpose of securing individual rights.

The difference between slavery and liberty is the possession of individual rights. The government has stolen the following rights: our right to exercise religion; our right to peacefully assemble; our right to pursue happiness through employment; our right to choose what we wear, which includes the right not to wear a dehumanizing mask over one’s face; our right to bear arms free from infringement; our right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures; our right not to be coerced by government to act as its enforcer of mandates; our right to a republican form of government; and other rights not listed. By stealing our rights, government is driving the people into slavery. As the national hero Frederick Douglass made clear, a slave is a person dispossessed of his rights. It is called slavery. The government demands that we obey under threat of being thrown in jail. Without any wrongdoing whatsoever, people are subject to going to jail for refusing to obey the dehumanizing mask mandate. Like a slave master, the government demands obedience.

Who controls whom? Do the people control the government, or does the government control the people? Who is the boss? Is a governor who has assumed emergency powers and issues mandates the boss, or are the people the boss? Who should decide what to wear, the government? Should the government decide who can go to work and who cannot? A governor who suspends the Bill of Rights and prohibits people from attending religious services is a traitor who is acting outside of the rule of law. Those in government who support such a governor are also traitors. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land. Mandates that violate the Constitution are unlawful. Judges that support unlawful mandates are deserving of the same infamy as Benedict Arnold.

The time has come for all of us to acknowledge the despotic nature of the government. The government has become destructive towards its primary purpose of securing individual rights; therefore, it is our duty to throw off such government.

It has become necessary for the people of Eastern Washington to dissolve the political ties with the people living west of the Cascade mountain range. In order to secure our rights, the people will vote to form a new government for Eastern Washington that is separate and equal to the current state government based in Olympia. With majority approval, Washington will become one state with two separate and equal regional governments: one government for Western Washington, another government for Eastern Washington. Washington State’s representation in the Congress of the United States will not change. Because a new state is not being formed, there is no need to seek the permission of Congress or the current Washington State legislature. Washington will remain one state with two regional governments. The alteration of Washington’s government on the state level, while leaving Washington’s representation on the national level unchanged, is a right of the people that is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

A new Constitution of Eastern Washington will provide for a smooth transition from one government to the other, similar to the transition from the territorial government to the state government. A new constitution will include language to ensure a republican form of government and to protect the individual rights of the people.

The purpose of law is to protect individual rights. No matter who a person is, no matter the race, gender, or religious belief, the law’s purpose is to protect that person from being violated by others, including being violated by government. At its core, a constitution must defend the rights of the individual, which is exactly what the Constitution of Eastern Washington will do.

The belief in individual rights is a uniting force. Those that defend individual rights are Americans. They are not hyphenated Americans or a segment of society. The defenders of individual rights are simply Americans. From many, we are one because of our shared belief in the rights of the individual.

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2 Comments on Out with the Old Government, In with the New

  1. U.S. Constitution – Article 4 Section 4, “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,…””

    Will two equal regional governments qualify as “Republican”?

    There is some latitude as to what qualifies as “Republican”; Nebraska has a Unicameral house so having a Bicameral House obviously is not one of the criteria of a Republic.

    In any event, Bon Fortune to the people of Eastern Washington!

  2. I wonder of some of the far southern or northern tier counties west of the Cascades could be included as well?

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