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November Civil War

The Democrats have been conducting an unsuccessful political coup

November Civil War

November Civil War

by Pete Ketcham

The riots and violence we are presently seeing indicates a possibility that increased violence could proceed from the results of the coming November presidential election. In all probability, regardless of who wins this coming presidential election, the losing side will not accept the results, and will accuse the winner of voter fraud.

By past actions it is almost a forgone conclusion that Democrats will fraudulently use ballot harvesting, votes of illegal aliens, and mail in votes to increase their chances of winning. If they lose they will accuse the Republicans of the very thing they do, and will not accept the election results.

If Biden does win, it will no doubt be because of Democratic voter fraud. If the Trump administration believes Biden won by voter fraud, Trump may not relinquish the office of president, and thus there would be no peaceful transfer of power for the first time in our history.

Regardless of the outcome, violence will no doubt come about by the mobs we presently see in our streets, as they will be mobilized and encouraged by the Democrat party to create havoc throughout the nation in opposition to any action Trump takes.

The question is: will there be a significant response by the right to the left mob’s riots and violence, and if so will it launch a civil war between the constitutionalist conservatives and the socialist liberals? At times It seems we are already in a non shooting civil war, and just one more step up would bring it to violence.

It is ha
rd to predict future political events, as it is so volatile right now that just one day can make a significant difference, but due to the fact that this mob violence throughout the nation is currently not under control, we could be marching into a civil war.

Traditionally, America had always prided itself on the peaceful transfer of power as a result of honest elections, compared to the violent coups that took place in other counties, but unfortunately we are now seeing the same mindset in the Democrat party as that of the power hungry who initiated the coups in these foreign countries.

For the entire first term of a duly elected president the Democrats have been conducting an unsuccessful political coup to remove him from office, and assert their socialist rule over the nation. As they have failed to accomplish their goals by peaceful means, they are now facilitating and encouraging mobs to tear down the “history” of our nation and create chaos in our streets.

Thus I conclude, it is highly likely this same “mob strategy” will be used in November to disrupt and discredit the election regardless of who wins.


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2 Comments on November Civil War

  1. Grim Prospects..I certainly can’t do anything but agree with Mr Ketcham’s prognosis…That a Dem victory in November will be totally unacceptable to us is a given. but in that case we are facing a total breakdown in governance….War…But wars have battles..wars have turning points..I hope that, if conflict should begin, we can put aside concerns about our own little bailiwick,,,Fight and subdue the raging mob SOMEWHERE ELSE ! DON’T DITHER AND PREVARICATE UNTIL THE FANATICS ARRIVE AT YOUR DOOR !….GO ! Go to where the fight is !…Be there to tip the balance !

  2. “We must wage peace as if it were war.” – Queen Elizabeth I

    And who does not believe that the social liberals will engage in an old tactic to solidify their power…they already don’t respect private property…and they sure act like they would murder or banish anybody with a sense of propriety.

    Proscription is, in current usage, a ’decree of condemnation to death or banishment’ and can be used in a political context to refer to state-approved murder or banishment. The term originated in Ancient Rome, where it included public identification and official condemnation of declared enemies of the state and it often involved confiscation of property.

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