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The COVID-19 “Conspiracy Theory”

Currently, COVID19 does not even come close in numbers compared to previous pandemics.

The COVID-19 “Conspiracy Theory”

The COVID-19 “Conspiracy Theory”

by Karen Schumacher

Fingers are always being pointed to anyone who challenges the questionable information that pours from media outlets. Anything that does not conform to the narrative and selected messaging is automatically attributed to “conspiracy” theorists. But what do those accusers say when the conspiracy filth is pouring from their own mouths?

In October, 2019, corporations, governments, and university “players” gathered at an event called Event 201, to play a simulated pandemic exercise game, and discuss global policy solutions to address that pandemic. Bear in mind, this is two months prior to the alleged COVID-19 “pandemic”.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, UPS, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), corporate heads, and of course the United Nations (UN) were all part of this “expert” panel. Fortunately, they captured their game playing on videos so conspiracy theorists could relish in spreading conspiracies. Previous exercises on pandemic issues have been held including Clade X, Dark Winter, and Atlantic Storm. Perhaps enough game practice has occurred to give their solutions a trial run with COVID-19?

It just so happens the subject of the Event 201 scenario exercise was about a corona virus originating in Brazil, eventually spreading to the U.S., China, and other countries until it is out of control. Vaccine availability is not possible and an antiviral drug was found to help the sick but not limit disease spread. In this scenario, cases double every week with rising deaths, resulting in economic and social severity. Sound familiar? However, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum (WEF), and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were also involved in this exercise and deny any coincidence with the current outbreak. Of course they deny it. Clearly any reference to involvement would be only conspiracy trash. And how ironic that John Hopkins has a map tracking the COVID-19 outbreak.

In the first video, the Highlights Reel, a description of the corona virus spread is provided and a summary of identified issues. The hysteria of its spread and resulting deaths is addressed. Medical supplies must be distributed “globally” with corporations needing clarity on where the need is and “who” is making the decisions, the UN offered up as a centralized point. Travel advisories are issued to prevent disease spread with resulting economic effects. A global financial crisis occurs. Misinformation on the internet may need to be “shut down” and a decision on who should “control the information” is needed. How about the need for enforcement? The scenario foundation is laid for the “global community” to work out solutions.

Segment 1 – Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion. This video starts out with the “critical role of businesses and public-private partnerships” (P3). A “pandemic emergency board”, convened by the WEF, will provide recommendations on this “major global challenge”. As usual, climate change is one of the culprits behind this catastrophic pandemic, and the typical forecast of a major, doom and gloom event is coming with a need for “mitigation” and “collective preparedness”. The UN World Health Organization (WHO) provides its two cents worth describing the “health emergencies” and continued threats as a “new normal” through “asymptomatic” persons spreading disease. Such hysterics, but oh so close to what is occurring now.

At the 15:20” mark the emergency board discussion on recommendations begin with an update of the spread of the virus, called CAPS, being far more contagious with respiratory disease complications, albeit some experiencing only mild respiratory symptoms. A projected death rate of hundreds of millions over one to two years is straining health care systems. Discussion of an AIDS antiviral medication for treatment and respirator availability are identified problems. Sound familiar?

Distribution of resources includes discussion about a central decision making body, perhaps the UN World Bank as the financial loan center for centralized distribution “needs”, and the UN once again offered up as the centralized source. Central distribution of global stockpiles would interfere with hoarder behavior by being in charge of how supplies are allocated. Corporations must also “combat” “protectionism” “rhetoric”, as it does not align with operating for the “greater global good”. Through this segment and beyond is an annoying woman who continues coughing without clearly covering her mouth. Perhaps this emergency board should practice its own recommendations.

Segment 2 – Trade & Travel Discussion is the second emergency board meeting. The pandemic update includes a continued escalation in numbers with predictions of millions of cases and thousands of deaths. The stock market has now fallen while trade and travel are affected, social media is spreading rumors, movement of people is causing disease spread, and fever screens are being conducted. Has any of this happened with COVID-19?

Segment 3 – Finance Discussion, the third emergency board meeting. There is an economic “fallout’, the epidemic “grows”, millions of cases and deaths. The board recommends cooperation between corporate supply chains and governments, keeping the public informed of disease location, how steps in closing schools and staying home only marginally controls the spread, which in itself might bring more serious economic costs resulting in more serious harm than CAPS. Funding is needed to save jobs and industries, a “bailout’, especially those corporations directly related to the healthcare system. A need for research and development about this new corona virus and future vaccines is also discussed. Is this scenario getting warmer to current conditions?

Segment 4 – Communications Discussion and Epilogue. The final emergency board meeting continues with more disease spread and deaths. Because of the spread of disinformation Twitter and Facebook are deleting accounts. To ensure that only “accurate” information gets out one central authority, such as WHO, along with their buddy non-governmental organizations (NGO) should be used as a central repository for information, especially since the UN enjoys a level of trust throughout the world, and would protect against governments spreading disinformation, say for political purposes.

But then, if WHO were to challenge governments directly there is the issue of that pesky “sovereignty”, necessitating a “soft power of influence” by WHO. Because there is so much public distrust, the goal should be identifying how the government can “ensure” only reliable information gets to the public and prevent the spread of false information. Using employers and faith-based institutions could be used for the flow of accurate information. Also important is identifying false information for “purported” treatments that has caused harm to those who have used them.

Do you know it all’s ever stop and think why there is so much distrust when this conniving activity goes on?

The board identified more emphasis should be placed on the recovery numbers. Because of all those who are anti-vaccine, especially important is getting the correct information “out there” to ensure public trust, and incentivizing people to “manage” their behaviors. Perhaps there should be some level of “enforcement” against those who are spreading misinformation.

Segment 5 – Hotwash and Conclusion. This pandemic was “catastrophic”, however isolation and “social distancing” have helped interrupt the spread of disease. Prior planning by governments, NGOs, and private businesses is identified as being so important. And lastly, these individuals have routinely come together for a stronger “global governance”. These are their words you conspiracy theorists.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation jointly proposed seven recommendations, which in a nutshell is a partnership between international organizations, governments, and the private sector to control all potential aspects that could arise with a pandemic, a full achievement of Agenda 21 P3, stripping away all representation on which our Republic was founded.

The UN goal has always been to destroy capitalism, and efforts have been made to integrate this agenda into the stimulus bill. Is COVID-19 being used for that purpose?

Continued focus on “life threats” by the UN is getting old. Life is not about ongoing threats that must be “mitigated”, managed, or having us constantly living in a state of preparation out of fear that something might happen. It is all psychological manipulation, causing fear and anxiety with the intent to influence behavior, and justify the removal of more freedoms. How effectively this is working is easily seen in younger generations.

Currently, COVID19 does not even come close in numbers compared to previous pandemics. The same hygienic precautions should be used as with all viruses, those most adversely affected are typically the elderly, those with medical conditions, or who are immunosuppressed. However now, given what “players” are discussing behind the scenes, could COVID-19 appear to be possibly used as a test case to see just how far behavior can be influenced, maybe just how many more freedoms can be destroyed, and promoting faith in government dependence?

But, all of this is just conjured up information by conspiracy theorists, it is just “misinformation”. Regardless, everyone should start paying closer attention to what is really happening behind the scenes, and what is being done to us. This global governance agenda is moving forward rapidly. Watch the videos and decide for yourself.



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