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Flipping The Victim Card by Pete Ketcham

The LGBT agenda has become a “steam roller” that appears unstoppable at this time

Flipping The Victim Card

Flipping The Victim Card

by Pete Ketcham

Thirty-five years ago, the last expression of Christian beliefs and philosophy was escorted out the front door and off the campus of the nation’s public schools and colleges. Shortly thereafter the beliefs and philosophy of the LGBT community was brought in the schools’ back doors disguised as health studies and sex education.

For example California’s recent AB-329 with the misleading title “Sexual Health Education” brings in the LGBT curriculum using misleading terms as “sexual health education or HIV prevention education”, but in reality is a complete agenda of the LGBT. Parents have raised their objection at many school board meetings, but are unable to stop it.

This problem is not just limited to California, multiple states throughout the nation are going through this “takeover” by the LGBT.

The LGBT accomplished all this by portraying themselves as a group of innocent, inoffensive victims who had been discriminated against, and needed their philosophy to be equally presented in the public arena. They used this same tactic to promote their beliefs and philosophy into every social and political arena in this nation.

Their victim tactic has been so successful, that now, not one political candidate (Both D & R) dare say anything negative about LGBT. In fact, if any public personality says anything negative about the LGBT, that individual will be so completely savaged and discredited that their career (in many cases) will be finished.

The LGBT agenda has become a “steam roller” that appears unstoppable at this time, and thus, perhaps it is time to try a different strategy.

In order to move the christian beliefs and philosophy back into the classroom where the LGBT beliefs and philosophy now reigns, it is time to portray the Christians as  “a group of innocent inoffensive victims who have been discriminated against“ (which in reality they have).

Of course the LGBT advocates will argue that the Christians are a religion, and  under the law they should not be permitted in the school system. The counter to this is that the Christians are a group of people with a belief system that is just as legitimate as the LGBT belief system, and thus, their case should be pleaded In the interest of equity and fairness, and should be permitted into the school system just as the LGBT has been permitted.

Although there are many details concerning this effort, the “victim” strategy could be presented at local school board meetings, at state legislative education committees, and national legislative education committees.

It could be shown that any beliefs the LGBT community hold, could be legitimately countered by the beliefs the Christians hold. Some examples as follows:

1. LGBT believe marriage is legitimate between same sexes, Christians believe marriage is  legitimate only between a man and a woman.

2.  LGBT do not believe in the moral precepts of the Bible, and in many cases the God of the Bible, Christians do, and live their lives by biblical precepts.

3. LGBT believe there are multiple legitimate sexual orientations, that defy the natural sex one is born with. Christians believe there are only two sexes, male & female, and they remain the same throughout life.

These arguments and counter-arguments could go on indefinitely, but these three were presented to show that the christian belief system has a legitimate base that should be afforded the same privileges and consideration as the LGBT beliefs.

This Judeo Christian victim strategy would not solve the problem of the perverse culture being propagated by the LGBT community throughout the public education system, but could be a start in bringing our country back to it’s original christian underpinnings that were formerly very prevalent in our schools.

At present the Judeo Christian community is losing ground on a daily basis, and has no plan of action or strategy to stop the loss, let alone gain back lost ground.


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2 Comments on Flipping The Victim Card by Pete Ketcham

  1. Another angle one could take is to just look at how certain other religions, mainly the one of ‘peace’ get to do pretty much whatever they want, god forbid you say anything about THEM. Why don’t the Christians get the same freedoms to practice their beliefs too?

    It’s either all or none, you don’t get to cherry pick.

  2. This is a financed phenomenon. The work around “The Grumblin’ Hive” or the “Fable of Bees” written in 1706 noted a certain percentage of any monetary system goes to financing vice and sin. Increase the overall quantity of the monetary system…and the corresponding quantity in relation to the percentage devoted to vice and sin also increases.

    I can remember in about 1988 when the USA’s National Debt topped $1 Trillion…meaning there was about $1 Trillion Federal Reserve Notes available…now 32 years later the USA’s National Debt is over $21 Trillion. That is a whopping increase of supposed availability of Federal Reserve Notes…AND the financing and molly-coddling of vice and sin.

    Yes, there are nuances and semantics to what I typed above…but the premise and overview is self-evident. Would this nonsense be going on if you paid your taxes in Silver Dollars?

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