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One Party Rule

Trump, MAGA, and Republicans are national terrorists, and only the Democrat party members are true patriots.


One Party Rule
(The Democrats)

By Pete Ketcham

We question the logic of the Democrat party as they pass laws and policies that literally border on insanity. Despite their disjointed agenda, they have maintained a consistent goal to eliminate the Republican party’s participation in the governing of the nation.

It is acknowledged that the Republican party would also welcome the non participation of the Democrat party in the governing of the nation, but the difference between the two is that the Democrats are using tactics that are illegal, unconstitutional, and criminal to promote their agenda. They have no regard for the welfare of the nation or individuals as long as their policies keep them in power.

The greatest criminal strategy used by the Democrats is to open the nation’s southern border to the world in the hopes that they will gain millions of illegal Democrat voters, assuring that their reign would be perpetual. The Democrats are well aware of the chaos their policy is causing at the border and throughout the nation, but it matters not to them as long as it promotes their one party rule

Another tactic they have adopted is to demonize Trump and all the “MAGA” voters. This has been amplified in Biden’s recent speeches where he labeled all “MAGA” voters as terrorists. The Democrats are perpetuating this false narrative through the mainstream news media in an effort to convince the general public that Trump, MAGA, and Republicans are national terrorists, and only the Democrat party members are true patriots.


It is somewhat discouraging to realize that the Democrat’s tactics are working (as demonstrated by the fraudulent election of Biden). One can be assured the Democrats are currently busy plotting how to rig the forthcoming midterm elections. They have abandoned any concept of a fair election process, and have shown they will do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) to “win” the elections and maintain their positions of power.

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3 Comments on One Party Rule

  1. Unlike past election ballots, one will notice there
    are only two or three write-ins allowed on the
    November ballot for Bonner County. One has only
    one choice, the Uni-Party candidate.

  2. The Uni-Party is alive and well in Bonner County, which
    has created a strategy to by-pass the Republican
    Party’s closed primary election, by rigging that closed primary
    to allow leftist Democrats or RINOs to win. Obviously,
    the Democrat block of over four thousand voters in Bonner
    County has moved into the Bonner County Republican Party.

    During this year’s closed Republican Primary, the
    Chairman of the Bonner County Republican Party,
    Herndon, runs against one opponent and wins. Mark
    Sauter, the leftist Democrat now Republican and one
    of five candidates, wins District 1a with the help of the
    Democrat block of voters who have moved into the
    Republican Party and with the help of three phony
    conservative Republican candidates, who denied the
    true conservative Republican candidate to win, by splitting
    the conservative votes. The same thing happened in the
    Republican race for District 3, where Omodt, a leftist Democrat
    now Republican and one of five candidates wins that race.

    The Uni-Party will never allow the voters of Bonner County to
    elect a true conservative candidate. The voters of Bonner County
    have only one choice, the Uni-Party’s candidate.

    You may have noticed that there are no Democrats running in
    the local general election of Bonner County. Why? Because the
    Marxist Democrats have moved into the Bonner County Republican

  3. Of course we will do whatever it takes to win!! Repubs have shown their true colors, they have sided with foreign governments (Russia) to influence an election which gave rise to the great orange MAGA movement. An illegal, racist, anti American movement rooted in violence and insurrection! Why would we work with terrorists? You may have forgotten because you are no longer American, but we true patriots of America don’t negotiate with terrorists, especially terrorists in our own country! MAGA movement is a treat to the future of America and we will do whatever it takes to stop you in your tracks! Especially stupid christians

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