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Democrat Report Smearing Conservatives is Finally Released

This report will surely be used to punish other elected officials that do not adhere to the Communist agenda.

Democrat Report Smearing Conservatives is Finally Released

Democrat Report Smearing Conservatives
is Finally Released

by Shari Dovale

The long awaited Democrat report on Rep. Matt Shea is finally available. The Dems spent an enormous amount of taxpayer money to develop this report, and then held it until they felt it was the most optimum time to release it – namely at the same time as the impeachment of President Trump.

There are too many parallels between the witch hunt of our conservative President and that of this conservative Christian State Representative. You will see as we go through the report that this is actually an attack on all conservatives, and is expected to be used against other elected officials.

The Partisan Political War on Conservative Christians is in full swing!

To begin with, the report is dated December 1st, yet they held it for nearly 3 weeks for maximum effect. That by itself shows that the entire investigation was purely political. Yet, there is more.

Let’s begin with the sources they used as their evidence.

One of their main sources appears to be Wikipedia. This is an open source project in which any number of anonymous people can go in and change a page to their own liking, regardless of the facts. The issue has been reflected on repeatedly, and no one has been able to come up with a solution, as the problems still exist.

From the far left website Salon: Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia

Qworty’s edits prove that Wikipedia’s content can be shaped by people settling grudges and acting out of spite and envy. Qworty alone, by his own account, has made 13,000 edits to Wikipedia.

“Wikipedia is the great postmodern novel,” declared Qworty. “Wikipedia is ‘not truth’ … Wikipedia, like any other text, is not reality.

Another Leftist source is the Atlantic: The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia—for Pay

Even minor changes in wording have the potential to influence public perception and, naturally, how millions of dollars are spent.

WikiHow tells you quite clearly not to use Wikipedia for critical decisions.

If you see something in Wikipedia, but you find opposing information at another resource, don’t reject the alternate source.

Wikipedia cannot always be considered authoritative, because its editors are anonymous.

A discussion in Quora includes the following:

The problem with Wikipedia articles is that they are presented as both credible and authoritative, but they lack authority. People, especially those who do not know much about the subject of discourse, are inclined to believe anything they find in a Wikipedia article because the article is presented as authoritative (it says it’s an encyclopedia, so it must be!) and appears “credible”.

But apparent credibility and authoritativeness do not provide any reasonable expectation of either accuracy or reliability.

The next source that the Rampart group extols is a number of far left news sites that are known for writing negative and venomous articles on Rep. Shea. When these Marxist-aligned pseudo-journalists realized that Shea was not one to keep silent concerning his contempt for all things Communist, they began to maliciously attempt to rewrite the narrative against this good Christian.

The Rampart Group admit clearly that the online news articles became a focus of their investigation. Since there are many sources outside of the Leftist news, it seems that there are a number of things lacking in this partisan and political mockery of an investigation. It is plain that reliable investigative techniques, as most professional investigators would employ, were not required here.

They have also based their findings on individuals that are known to publicly spout lies and far-left rhetoric about Rep. Shea and his followers. This would not be a problem if it was to get both sides of an issue, but the Rampart group concentrated solely on these sources, without getting any dissenting views. This shows political bias, as well as a preset ending to this agenda.

Additionally, they have vilified conservatives on several levels. They include, and attempt to credit Shea for, the following:

  • The Sagebrush Rebellion: They refer to this as the Sagebrush Insurgency “that is now a more ideological movement that attracts many Libertarians and right-wing extremists.”
  • The Patriot movement:Defined as “a collection of conservative, independent, mostly rural, small government, American nationalist social movements in the United States that include organized militia members, tax protesters, sovereign or state citizens, quasi-Christian apocalypticists/survivalists, and combinations thereof.”

The Rampart Group specifically call them “antigovernment”, therefore (using their previous definitions) they out themselves as being uber-Liberal. If they did not focus so intently on the politics of Shea and his supporters, they might have an argument that it was not intended as a political attack. However, nearly every page in the Leftist Report seems to discuss the politics of conservatism.

Just another point of proof that this is a partisan persecution and political maneuver.

  • The Land Transfer Movement: for which they disparage anyone that believes that Federal Public Lands should be transferred to the States. (They cannot allow for dissenting opinions that promote a smaller government.)
  • Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theorists: who they scorn as those that think the “United Nations resolution promoting sustainability is a secret plan to form a one-world government.” (So they use the Liberal talking points, proving again their Left-leaning bias.)
  • The Pacific Patriots Network, in which they include Oath keepers, Three Percenters, and various militia groups.
  • Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers are also worthy of their specific mockery.

Citing a known Leftist publication that devotes way too much time on their environmental causes, the Rampart Group tries to “connect the dots” to a list of Conservatives (including multiple elected officials) to the fore-mentioned groups and Rep. Matt Shea.

It is obvious that this investigation is only in the beginning stages. This Democrat report will surely be used to punish other elected officials that do not adhere to the Communist agenda.

They list several incidents of what they deem as Patriot Movement conflicts, going back to when Rep. Shea was a teenager, and yet, by the way they write this report, they attempt to connect Shea to these incidents and imply, without any actual evidence, that he supported them.

It is more than a stretch to attempt to connect anyone to events decades ago, when they were children. You would think that it should have been within their mandate to judge (as that is obviously what they are doing) a person by their own actions and not by the actions of people they never met, never had conversations with, and never even reportedly said their names.

This proves beyond all measures that this Democrat Report was designed as a political tool to malign and slander the good name of their political opponent.


They did state towards the end of this Democrat report that they found “no evidence that Representative Shea presents an imminent direct threat to any individual or group”, however, they try to hide that fact by their continued use of the phrase “more probable than not”.

With that statement, they are clearly stating their opinion that something is likely, yet they have no actual proof. This phrase is found throughout the report, and clearly makes the case for a biased, opinionated, partisan political hit job.


Read the Report


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7 Comments on Democrat Report Smearing Conservatives is Finally Released

  1. The report is a not so veiled attempt at telling all patriots to sit down, shut up, and do what we tell you, or else.

    If you dare stand up for your rights, we just might throw you in jail for LIFE for being a terrorist threat. At least we’ll take your guns and make you a non-possessor.

    Nice try lefty lunies. You just make us want to stand taller, fight harder, and carry a bigger stick.

  2. I found it very disconcerting how they are tagging any group that supports the Constitution as “domestic terrorist”. Every mention of people or groups who would dare question anything government are viewed with contempt.

    Sheriff Ozzy went so far as saying he is afraid to arrest Rep Shea for fear it will trigger all the Patriot groups.

    While this is a pathetic attempt to smear Shea, it is really an attack on anyone holding traditional American values.

    • Besides that, Sheriff Ozzy would actually need a criminal violation in order to arrest Representative Shea or anyone else and just like with the Shiff Show, there has been none. Ozzy knows that besides pissing off his constituents he would also get his ass sued off.

  3. I’d sure like a link to the ‘report’ so I could read it for myself. None of the leftist smear articles link to it, and I could not find it online.

    I guess we’re supposed to trust them since they’re always so honest…

  4. April 11, 2014…Bunkerville Nv…Cowboys..Camo clad Milita..regular folks in street dress..guns everywhere..The crowd at the stage area a vibrant slice of Blue Collar America..Now along comes this slim fella, dressed in a suit, hair neatly trimmed – Matt Shea..He was true blue then folks, and he’s still true blue, following the conscience of a patriotic Christian, let the chips fall. He needs our support and encouragement now. Please write him, e-mail, call him..send him a PM..

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