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Cover Your Assets – Gov. Little’s Immunity Plea

Spread the word about the “special session” on August 24, 2020

Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets – Gov. Little’s Immunity Plea

by Rep. Karey Hanks

As the COVID pandemic and Governor Little’s overreaction have persisted for 5 months now, citizens are voicing a need for the legislature to be involved. They want to address Governor Little’s “emergency” orders. It finally appears the Governor is willing to involve the legislature in these crucial life-or-death and prosper-or-perish decisions.

Not so fast! Instead, legislators will be limited to only the subjects the Governor wants them to consider. The Governor has signaled an extraordinary session will only be held to mitigate the governor’s and others’ liability for the “emergency” declared and extended since March.

Let’s be honest, the Governor’s emergency orders are damaging our private sector (referred to as “non-essential” by Governor Little), as well as farming and ranching operations, and our families, and every Idahoan – whether it be employment, education, or health (mental and physical). There are costs to being too cautious and real pain is being inflicted across the state.

It is easy to see from what the Governor is saying, the legislative session is not intended to alleviate the costs of the shutdown on families and the economy. It is obviously a “cover your assets” ploy by Governor Little and his cronies. He wants to avoid liability for the damage he is causing in Idaho.

Several questions around Governor Little’s emergency orders and his immunity protection should be addressed in a session, but will they?:

1. Does the Governor’s response to “emergencies” generally follow established guidelines?
2. Did the Governor and government officials push the limits and overreach their lawful boundaries?
3. What funding is involved? (Always follow the money)
4. Should the Governor, other government officials, local governments, and businesses be liable for damages they cause?

Here is one alarming example from his proposal raising some questions:

“The immunity provided in this section shall not apply if a person fails to make a good faith effort to comply with a statute, rule, or lawful order of a government entity in effect at the time and such failure is the proximate cause of injury to another, nor shall it apply to acts or omissions that occur during a declared disaster or emergency that are unrelated to or unaffected by the declared disaster or emergency.”

Who determines if a “good faith” effort has been made? Who determines if the act or omission is unrelated or unaffected by the emergency?
We have recently experienced the heavy hand of the Idaho public health districts and the unelected bureaucrats using Idaho Code 39-419 to threaten individuals with a misdemeanor and/or imprisonment for failure to wear a mask in public or follow orders. Are we really willing to accept government edicts and mandates forced upon us by these unelected bureaucrats… bureaucrats that think themselves sovereign and unaccountable to WE THE PEOPLE?

Could failure to follow future edicts lead, for example, to cutting off power, water, or services to those people and businesses who do not comply? Will businesses be forced to require a COVID-19 vaccine for employees as a condition of employment? Could a “lawful order” include some type of restriction on firearms ownership?

The government argues their actions are only being carried out in the name of safety, to “protect us,” and for the “greater good” of society. But is it? Let us not forget:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

How much control are we willing to accept in exchange for security? Law is supposed to begin with WE THE PEOPLE. “Emergencies” will always be used to assert power and control over those who allow it. We cannot… we must not stand idly by and just do nothing. Now is the time to act! Any special legislative session should include ALL these important questions, instead of only “cover your assests” protections for the Governor and his cronies.

So, what can YOU do?

First, you can start by spreading the word about the “special session” on August 24, 2020. Second, you should contact your state senator and representatives. Ask them if they support the Governor’s immunity plea deal with the state legislature – and why or why not. However, if you are concerned like I am, insist they VOTE NO. Third, if you have time, you might also want to voice your concerns to House and Senate leadership –  House Speaker Scott Bedke and Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill. 

The future of Idaho depends to a great degree on what WE THE PEOPLE do now. Do we push back on the control Governor Little has forcefully taken this year? Do we allow Little and his cronies to “cover their assets” and continue down this path of domination and power? Or, do we stand up and say enough already, and RESTORE BALANCE between the government and WE THE PEOPLE?

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” – Samuel Adams


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2 Comments on Cover Your Assets – Gov. Little’s Immunity Plea

  1. Little needs to go. He is not a conservative and it clear he does not have the best interest at heart for the citizens of Idaho. I knew this would happen when he got into office. I did not vote for him nor would i ever vote for him. However , I did sign the petition to recall this snake in the grass. He’s obviously a democrat. Hit the road Little.

  2. It is costing more than loss of revenue…it is costing us our monetary system. When this started we were about $22 trillion in debt…measured by Federal Reserve Notes…one Federal Reserve note had an approximate relational value of 1/22,000,000,000,000 of our monetary system. Now in August 2020 we are about $27 trillion in debt…ergo 1/27,000,000,000,000.

    I know, the new agers would point out that 27 is a bigger number than 22 therefore one FRN has grown in value. {bangs forehead on desktop}

    So, are we supposed to just sit wide eyed until one FRN equates to 1/40,000,000,000,000? Remember FRN’s are defined in the U.S.C as being “obligations” of the USA…you don’t own an FRN…it is a USA “obligation”. You can control an FRN…but you cannot own it.

    That was why Bernard von Nothaus’s slogan for the “Liberty Dollar” was “Own Your Money.”

    I think we truly are on a way to something orchestrated…a way of life we do not currently have. Which means one thing…less than what we have now. Unless of course you subscribe to the theory 40 is a greater number than 27 when dealing with Fractional Denominators. Hmmm, “Fractional”…where have I heard that word before…to divide into pieces. Hmm???

    Sounds like we are being taken by a carnival huckster at best; at worst a predatory insect that induces rot so the prey can be devoured more easily.

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