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Agenda 21/2030: Reimagining the Rural West

Reimagining the Rural West is all about changing your rural community.

Reimagining the Rural West
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Reimagining the Rural West

by Karen Schumacher

The Western Governors Association (WGA) has a new project that interferes with and disrupts how rural communities govern their towns and how they live, taking over local representation.

As the WGA continues to destroy our Republic by focusing on regionalism, concocting ideas and decisions between themselves without citizen involvement, deciding how rural citizens should be managed, and taking over rural economies, thanks to North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, WGA now has a master plan. Reimagining the Rural West (RRW) is a project that western Governors will cleverly disguise as beneficial for rural communities, but in reality, destroys rural sovereignty.  The first workshop on this “project” was held October 1, 2019.

As described in the introduction by WGA Executive Director Jim Ogsbury, RRW is built on three pillars, Opportunity, Connectivity, and Community.  It is a “quest” to provide solutions for “sustaining” rural communities.  Opening remarks about the project were given by Gov. Burgum starting at the 14:05″ mark, which was basically a verbatim of Agenda 2030.  One has to love his emphasis on “vibrant” communities and our gift of “free speech”, language right out of the United Nations (UN) playbook.  Mr. Burgum also referenced the need for workforce development by moving rural communities beyond “extraction” based economies towards “value added” services which adds to connectivity, another UN mantra

Idaho is already on its way through the Workforce Development Council, promoting “policies that align workforce, education, economic development, and entrepreneurship to meet industry and employer’s workforce needs” and “provide greater levels of service to those with barriers to employment and in rural communities”. 

Mr. Burgum’s value added agriculture promotion is also out of the UN as well as his belief in transportation connectivity in rural areas. Bringing internet access to rural areas will successfully implement Agenda 2030 sustainable development goal 9.C. 

Yup, don’t you worry rural folks, along with the WGA this guy has figured out and has every intention for coming in and “building a community” you will want to live in that is “safe, walkable, (and) have arts and entertainment”.

The next keynote speaker, Benjamin Winchester, is a sociologist who spoke to the “opportunity to solve issues with rural health and education, and build healthy, vibrant communities.”  He is all about changing your rural community.

For all rural Idaho communities, beware.  Local non-governmental organizations (NGO) will be used to implement this agenda in their partnerships with federal and state governments.  Watch for local NGO initiatives and state agencies that push health care, education, transportation, workforce development, economic development, and job creation.  The government is implementing UN Agenda 2030, they all work on the same issues, and your rural community is the target. They first destroy the rural economy by removing its economic base for survival, then come in with their grand plan to reform its existence.

The workshop panel on transportation can be found here, and Strategies for Reimagining the Rural West can be found here.


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2 Comments on Agenda 21/2030: Reimagining the Rural West

  1. The tools that are being used to advance this agenda are planning and zoning. The fact that Idaho has a state law requiring zoning (Idaho 67-6511), means that we are especially vulnerable to the bureaucrats and NGOs that diligently work to do the bidding of the UN and those who wish to control the use of our privately (and publicly) owned lands. When counties are forced to adopt some kind of zoning ordinance, they usually look to the established methods and codes that are being created and implemented across the country. When that happens, UN sympathetic community planners are more than eager to step up and “help” our elected officials who are struggling with how to write and enforce these codes.

    We need to work together across the state to undo these ridiculous zoning ordinances and repeal the state law that requires that we have them in the first place. Government control of private land use is not an Idaho “value”. Independence and liberty are the values that we cherish here, and we ought to be left to do what we believe is best for ourselves and our families when it comes to the planning and implementation of land use decisions.

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