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Who is Michael Snyder, Candidate for Idaho District 1?

We will give him lots of credit for trying and even more for his passion to enter this race knowing the odds.

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder

Who is Michael Snyder,
Candidate for Idaho’s First Congressional District?

(Gem State Patriot) -We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Snyder, a candidate for Idaho’s first congressional district seat. Michael is 47 years old, married with one child, and a former resident of Washington D.C. who now resides in Bonners Ferry. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Law degree from the University of Florida with an LLM in taxation.

Mike has written four books and has appeared on the Alex Jones show. He doesn’t have any heavy business experience, from what he told us, nor has he spent any time in public office, which makes us wonder how he intends to get elected and make all of the changes that he has proposed in his brochure.

For such a mild mannered personality, he has set a very busy agenda if elected that even the savviest and stone-cold, experienced politician would have difficulty fulfilling. Some of his goals include abolishing the IRS and the Federal Income Tax; eliminating the Federal Reserve; and closing the Department of Education, the EPA, and the BLM. His goals sound a lot like Trump’s, and we would have to say he has some very lofty goals for a man trying to get elected for the first time, although we have seen stranger things happen in Idaho politics.

Mike might be a dream candidate for any true conservative, but with little or no experience in the political arena, we wonder just how much he would be able to accomplish even if he were elected for the two-year stint as a congressman. Mike exudes passion for changing government, and we believe that he would be a great addition to any state legislature. Running as a conservative, you could count on him to fight for his constituents.

Unfortunately, we don’t believe he is ready to take on the job of our congressman for the first congressional district.

If Michael Snyder had a couple of terms under his belt as a state legislator, we believe he would make a great candidate for congress, and he would keep the promises that he makes to the people he would serve—which is not a trait of many of our current legislators. There are already three seasoned politicians in this race, and who knows, we might even get one more before it is over. It just doesn’t seem plausible that someone like Mike could win this primary.

We will give him lots of credit for trying and even more for his passion to enter this race knowing the odds. It would be nice if we had a dozen conservatives like Mike Snyder who were willing to run for our state legislature. They could drive out some of the four-, five- and six-term cronies who promise to make things better election after election, but who inevitably fail time and time again.

We wish Michael Snyder and his family well, and we hope they don’t get discouraged if they lose this election. We believe it is people like Mike who will eventually rise to the top and help us take our state back from the alien, crony politicians who have invaded our State Capitol over the past 11 years.

“We Get the Government We Deserve.”

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