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A New Type of Civil War


A New Type of Civil War

by Pete Ketcham


In our nation today we could be facing the grim reality of a forthcoming coming civil war, but how extensive it will be is unknown. We do have the history of the first civil war of 1861 to refer to, but In that civil war there were two separate armies occupying distinct land areas defined by state boundaries, but what we see today is the commingling across the nation of both sides of the this coming civil war, with no defined areas of occupation.

Thus It is hard to predict what will happen in the future, but based on what is happening today with the BLM/Antifi riots in the cities, and the tactics of the Democrat Party (A Political Terrorist Organization) it is possible to speculate about what may be coming.

The War

The post election BLM/Antifi riots will probably increase and spread to most of the major cities nationwide. They may also spread to the suburbs and smaller towns, where armed resistance will probably be present, presenting the possibility of bloody firefights developing, but it is difficult to predict what happens from that point on.

Some of the questions that arise concerning this issue are as follows:

  1. Will the well armed conservative community aggressively move against the BLM/Antifa community to put an end to the looting and burning?
  2. If the conservative community does start a deadly battle in the streets, will the president deploy federal troops and National Guard to bring law and order?, and
    will it be so widespread and violent that the president will be forced to enact some type of martial law or the Insurrection Act?
  3. How will the political parties react with each other? Will there still be a constitutional procedure in the senate and the house, or will the members refuse to assemble, or recognize the authority of the president?
  4. And lastly, will constitutional law and order be restored, and an honest and trustworthy group of men and women be installed as the congress. It would seem impossible for this to happen as long as the dishonest and degenerate Democrat Party is in any positions of power.


What is happening today in our nation is so unprecedented, that it is difficult to make accurate long range predictions, but rest assured, the intense hate that is fueling the violent crime, murders, shootings, burnings, and looting will grow exponentially.

We are at the same point in our history as we were in 1861, but the coming war is not between organized opposing armies, it is between law abiding citizens and Democrat inspired criminals.

Only God knows what is coming next, but we need to pray He will give the law abiding citizens guidance and protection for the upcoming battles.


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