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When Shelby Rognstad First Ran for Mayor…

shelby rognstad no salute to flag

When Shelby Rognstad first ran for mayor, one thing people immediately noticed was is refusal to put his hand over his heart when saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  Instead, he clasped his hands behind his back and remained that way during the Pledge.

When confronted about it, his facebook post said he was more comfortable that way and besides, this position “opened his heart”.

Spoken like someone who doesn’t really like his country, and that’s not a surprise because he is an ardent progressive.  That came through right with his very first City Council meeting.

At that meeting he put forth a Human Rights and Non-Discrimination resolution that conjured up an image of Sandpoint and North Idaho citizens as Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK , and the resolution aimed to fixing that image by welcoming refugees.

The standing-room-only audience disagreed, the resolution was tabled and after undiminished public outrage, withdrawn.

Recently he took another run at the topic by putting into the budget $8,000 for a “Social Equity and Inclusion Initiative”, citing “the impact racism and xenophobia have had and continue to have on our community”.  The City Council, remembering the fiasco of 2016, removed it.

I don’t live in Sandpoint, but he tarnished me, who lives close by, with the same insulting brush, and I recommend to my Sandpoint friends that they vote him out on November 5th.  Replace him with a conservative, common-sense candidate, and that’s Ken Lawrence.

 Thank you,

Holly Parker

Sagle Idaho

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