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Victimhood By Pete Ketcham

I find it absolutely amazing how successfully the liberal godless left has sold this concept of victimhood



By Pete Ketcham

Being an alleged victim is an extremely popular position to be in, in our current society. It immediately absolves the “victim-person” of any responsibility for the situation they are presently in, or any wrong doing they may have committed related to that situation. It also affords the “victim” special considerations and accommodations not available to  non-victims.

Victimhood can be used for an individual, a group of people, a race, a gender, and degenerate causes such as the LGBT and Planned Parenthood. Some examples are as follows:

1.Invading hoards of immigrants are all “victims” of prosecution in their native countries, and should be granted immediate unrestricted sanctuary in any country of their choosing. Anyone who does not agree with this is a racist, a  xenophobe, or both.

2. College students are “victims” of opposing opinions, and should be granted “safe places” where they can express their opinions without fear of any opposition. Anyone who does not agree with this is a racist and a bigot.

3. Blacks are “victims” by reason of birth, and should be afforded special considerations, and anybody that is white, is a natural born racist.

4. Any woman that has an unwanted pregnancy is a victim of sexual aggression by a man, and should have the right to kill her unborn child (the real victim). Anyone who does not agree with this is a discriminating anti-feminist sexist.

5. Any body who engages in sex change and the perverted activities of the LGBT is a  “victim” if any Christian condemns this practice. Anyone who does not agree with this life style is a homophobe, a bigot, a sexist, and belongs in “a basket of deplorable s” (as per Hillary Clinton)

Almost anybody or group can creatively be made into a “victim”. In fact the entire population of this nation are considered victims (by the media, Democratic party, and academia) for being forced to live in a nation that is “racist,” “bigoted”, fascist,  and with a history of “plundering the entire world” in order to create this present day national wealth.

I find it absolutely amazing how successfully the liberal godless left has sold this concept of victimhood to not only our youth, but to many adults as well. As I had mentioned previously, victimhood is very attractive to our dumbed down culture, for it is the magic justifier that instantly provides justification for any violent criminal action or lack of achievement due to being a “victim”. In too many cases, the criminal car burning, window breaking, street blocking, rock throwing actions of Antifa is tolerated by city mayors and police, based on Antifa’s ignorant concept that we are a Fascist nation.

As I have said numerous times, the conservatives must use every means and opportunity to penetrate our education system and news media to show and tell that our nation is not bigoted, racist, or fascist, but is the greatest country in world history who has not plundered it’s way to greatness, but has helped numerous countries survive by economic aid and military protection.


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