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New Sandpoint Mayor Welcomes Syrian Refugees

Rognstad submits resolution to welcome Muslim refugees to Sandpoint.

New Sandpoint Mayor Welcomes Syrian Refugees

New Sandpoint Mayor Welcomes Syrian Refugees

by Shari Dovale

New Sandpoint Mayor Shelby Rognstad wasn’t happy with the Bonner County Commissioners passing a resolution against Obama’s refugee resettlement program.

Discounting the overwhelming public support for the commissioner’s action, he has placed on the city agenda, for the first meeting of the year, a resolution he hopes will negate their actions.

Rognstad issued this statement on his facebook page:

I ask all supporters of religious and ethnic tolerance to come to the council meeting Wednesday night …to show their support for a Sandpoint City Council resolution which affirms Sandpoint’s support of Syrian refugees to the US. This resolution is in response to the recent opposition by Bonner County and Governor Otter on this issue. This opposition reinforces the unfortunate image of this region as a haven for bigotry, discrimination and racism. It is important that the City of Sandpoint and its citizens show solidarity in our support for religious and ethnic tolerance through this resolution. Please attend at Council Chambers… to show your support. I hope to see you there!

There is much confusion over Rognstad’s position, as they are wondering if he has put his own agenda ahead of the welfare of Sandpoint Residents.

Rognstad does not believe allowing the Muslim refugees to settle in Sandpoint will have a financial impact on the city. He has yet to address the social services, including health care, welfare, etc. that the refugees will require.

He has not addressed the security ramifications of bringing in refugees that have not been properly vetted by the Federal government. What will he tell the residents to calm the fears they have for their family’s safety?

He has acknowledged that the region did contain hate groups in the distant past, though has not cited any current groups residing in the area.

Some of the questions swirling through social media include whether Sharia law will be allowed next, or whether or not the way of life for farmers and other residents will have to change. It is being widely discussed as to how to accommodate people that have difficulty assimilating into the local culture.

The room should be full, so plan on arriving early Wednesday evening at 5:30pm, at 1123 Lake St, Sandpoint, if you would like to be a part of the excitement.


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14 Comments on New Sandpoint Mayor Welcomes Syrian Refugees

  1. Looks like he changed the wording on his Facebook page a little, Anyone have a screen shot of it? I know I saw the statement: “the recent opposition reinforces the unfortunate image of this region as a haven for bigotry, discrimination and racism” by him on there at one point.

  2. I had never even heard of Sandpoint until I met my wife and I immediately fell in love with the place once I went there. There is a reason why it is the way it is – basically, to a large degree, unspoiled. How about let’s keep it that way, Rognstad… I completely disagree with the whole refugee thing in the first place – maybe they should stay and fight for their own country, but that’s a different discussion. However, if we absolutely have to have this crammed down our throats, why not put the refugees in places like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles(I live in LA, by the way) or better yet, how about bankrupt Detroit… I’m sure they could fix that place right up. This is a terrible idea! Do we really believe that these refugees, who are most likely majority muslim, will wish to assimilate into American society? Will they wish to learn to speak English and “play nice” with the people who already live here or will they insist on us accommodating their requests and view us as intolerant because we’d rather preserve a little piece of Americana(whatever that even is anymore, thanks to bird-brained ideas like Rognstad’s)? Rognstad appears to have a track record of pro-“population density” ideas for Sandpoint. Let me humbly ask Shelby a question: Where are all of these people going to work? Let’s forget about whether they’re Syrian or muslim – let’s just say we have an influx of 10,000 people, of nondescript religion or ethnicity – is Sandpoint even a viable place for them to get work and make a living? How is this ever a good idea? Let’s get back to assimilation – I have heard first hand accounts of people from places like France and Sweden who fear for their lives. They fear they will be beaten and raped by the bands of muslims running around intimidating the infidels. Just do a google on “Malmo, Sweden” or “rape capital of the world”. This is stuff you’re not hearing in the mainstream news because everybody is afraid to appear politically incorrect. Call me a racist, a xenophobe, a bigot or whatever you wish but keep in mind, in doing so, it only demonstrates YOUR ignorance and denial. I believe this is wrong on many levels – economical reasons alone… But let’s just be honest about this: The teachings of islam promote the proselytization of the rest of us and even death to those of us who refuse. Do a google on “al-Taqiyya” so you can become familiarized with the art of deception as a means to an end. Some might say, “Well, how did YOU get here?” or “YOU wouldn’t be here if we played by your rule book…” To this, I say, America was once a great country which welcomed people who wished to legally become American citizens and contribute to society – we achieved greatness because of this – because of the ingenuity, intelligence and talent of good people of all colors, religions, and creed. However, we’re “MAXED OUT”! If somebody can draw up a game plan to show me how we can start taking care of ourselves and pull this country out of the hole we’re digging so deeply, then I can start to fathom the idea of bringing in more people at American tax payer expense. Maybe we can take in a million more people but how about a few families here and there, sprinkled in cities and towns throughout the country? Why do we have to concentrate them all into one place? Who is subsidizing the expenses for this? How about the people who already live in Sandpoint, who are having trouble keeping up with rising property taxes? Let’s talk to them about tax payer subsidies for an influx of people who never worked or contributed to the economy. This also has heavy ramifications toward 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment Constitutional rights: rights that are steadily whittled away at on a daily basis, especially in the big cities. What motivates Rognstad? Federal subsidies? I’m perplexed with this ending up on the table with a place like Sandpoint. Why there? Do we really need to turn every place into an LA, NY or CHI? Is it wrong for me to still wish for places where a guy can have some elbow room, mind his own business and live life without being brow beaten by a PC, over regulated, so called “populist” agenda? Somebody please tell me how this is a good idea. I’m openminded and ready to concede that I could be wrong but until I’m proven wrong, I say just leave the people of Sandpoint alone. In the end, though, I can’t speak for the people of Sandpoint and the people of Sandpoint DID elect Shelby Rognstad as their mayor, which doesn’t make sense to me but I’m just an outsider.

  3. The liberals accuse US of hate and bigotry. Sadly, they show their ignorance of Islam which is out to bring the whole world under Sharia law. Their hate, intolerance and bigotry is quite well on display throughout the world by their beheadings, burnings, capturing sex slaves, pedophilia, killing of Christians and Jews and terrorist acts. One has to have their heads in a dark place where the “sun don’t shine” to NOT see it!
    Study history: the last 1400 years of Islam demonstrates that what I said is true: it is not a “strain” of Islam that brings this about. It IS Islam!

  4. Where is all this “race & bigotry” coming from?
    Someone here is missing the entire point. The issue is about safety concerns for our community. Bad judgements again, from a new and young mayor. We don’t want to emulate the European countries who deeply regret forcing violence to their innocent citizens.
    Do your homework mr. mayor. WE DON’T BELIEVE IN YOUR AGENDA.

  5. I can’t believe this is happening! It only takes ONE refugee to infiltrate our community, build a few bombs and carry out terrorist attacks. Don’t you get it? They hate us! Not the other way around! I have many family members who are Mexican and Black. It is NOT about RACE. Quit throwing out the race card. It’s about protecting our families and our country from terrorists and you are inviting them into our homes. It only takes one bad apple to rot the whole basket. I can only hope, Mayor, that your so-called friendly refugees don’t blow up Bloomsday or some other large gathering in our community or elsewhere. Shame on you!

  6. Interesting comments, racism & bigotry seem to resonate here. The issue has nothing to do with racism or bigotry—It has to do with something called common sense. Our top National Security experts have stated as clearly as possible that there is no sure vetting process here to protect the homeland against the infiltration of radicals with in the refugee community. On those who sling the bigot and racist card have what answer to that. What would you say to the families of the dead in Paris and San Bernardino. That you have more intel capability than the US Federal government. I am infuriated that the Mayor and you are willing to put our families lives in harms way and when we express our concern based upon the counsel of the true experts you sling these hateful daggers our way. I say if people want to swear allegiance to our flag, our constitution and language and disavow any values or beliefs antagonistic toward the goodwill of this nation we might consider them. regardless or color or origin. But to spend our hard earned money to invite into our home(country) people whose expressed intent is to transform America into their culture I say NO TO THIS!

    • Well said! I was born in Sandpoint and am disappointed that inviting this threat is even being considered. Nothing to do with racism, just common sense.

  7. I used to live in Sandpoint years ago when the flea market had open tables with KKK hate literature on several tables. I see the racism and bigotry is very alive and well. Shame on the residents if they allow their hate to continue

    • Way to judge the Majority on the actions of a few. In all my years in North Idaho I met, saw or dealt with very few people who were hateful bigots and no one that liked the aryan nation. I also don’t believe it’s a matter of hate to not want to be another sanctuary city that already has a stale economy, few good jobs and seniors and children who live below the poverty line with few real resources to help them. As far as “years ago” with literature on “several” tables.. You must have missed the part where they ended up run out of 2 counties by residents and Law Enforcement. You also must have missed the influx of people who moved to beautiful Noth Idaho, drove the property values so high that locals who developed the “small town” life they wanted were priced out of the market. Then went on to complain about farmers and lack of “city” amenities. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Will there be prejudice? Yes, there probably will. Blame that on the media for trying to scare the average American and naming Bonners Ferry as a terrorist target. It’s not hate, it’s fear. This country was built on immigration. But it was also built on freedom to pursue a way of life and the right to VOTE on change. This is not being done.

    • Hey Bob, how tolerate is the Islamic world towards different religions and cultures?

      In any case, since Idaho is such a racist bigoted place, it is perhaps for the best if we don’t bother bringing in culturally incompatible people, isn’t it?

  8. This guy really needs to try it out first. He can put up a few families at his place. Try it for about 20 years to decide if it was a mistake or not.

  9. Hell yeah there is no room for bigotry we should all be accepted no matter what our skin color is. Shame on all of you who judge others based on the color of their skin.

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