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Malloy and Senator Hill – Birds of a Feather

All a citizen needs to do is take a quick glance this particular senator’s last two campaign finance sheets. 

Hill and Malloy – Birds of a Feather

Malloy and Senator Hill – Birds of a Feather

Editorial by Buck Oswalt

Idaho Politics Weekly, an obscure online newsletter, recently published an op-ed piece by an equally obscure media mouthpiece named Chuck Malloy who claims to know Idaho politics but apparently adheres to the yellow journalism standards now so common in the liberal media.

Mr. Malloy is known for hit pieces on Representative Heather Scott (District 1), but inadvertently provided an indictment not of her but of those legislators he seems to revere and for whom he carries water.

He takes issue with her comments related to “bought-and-paid-for legislators” by never-sleeping lobbyists.  Mr. Malloy, as well as those who walk in lock-step with the marble cake establishment, enjoy using the ridiculous legislative measuring yardstick of “how many pieces of legislation did a legislator get passed”.   With over 300 bills passed in the 2019 legislative session alone, how can any citizen think that this mountain of new law is anything but an oppressive smothering of our everyday lives, particularly in a low-population state like Idaho. 

Yet Mr. Malloy’s comments indicate that he believes “good” legislator must make laws and the more the better.

This is the mentality which is so pervasive in Idaho’s legislature.  Those who stand up, like Rep. Scott, Rep. Zito, Rep. Giddings, and the former Rep. Nate, are the antithesis of Mr. Malloy’s nanny state and should be heralded and applauded for their courage and tenacity to rein in and reduce government.

As for Senator Brent Hill (District 34), liberally quoted by Mr. Malloy, his response that legislative collusion is the correct way to play nice in Idaho’s political sandbox because, after all, that’s how it’s done at the federal level, is the perfect illustration of what’s wrong with so many of our legislators.   Rep. Scott hit the nail squarely on the head when using the term of “bought-n-paid-for”; all a citizen needs to do is take a quick glance this particular senator’s last two campaign finance sheets. 

From 2016 through 2018, Senator Hill received a total of 217 contributions, with 194 (89%) coming from PACs, not individual citizens.  He received $108,741.29 from special interests and lobbying PACs while receiving only $7,225.00 from individuals.  He also accepted 72 out-of-state contributions to the tune of $35,800.00.  (

The true irresponsible and offensive behavior is that of Senator Hill and other legislators whose campaign finance reports look similar to his.  It behooves voters to read campaign finance reports and stop rewarding bad behavior with victories at the ballot box.  As always, it’s Follow the Money.

Hill and Malloy – Birds of a Feather

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2 Comments on Malloy and Senator Hill – Birds of a Feather

  1. A insightful comment on both Sen Hill and Writer Mallory.
    The moderate and liberal faction of the Republican party has recovered, in part, from the rebellion of 2010.We were sick and tired of the practice of top down political mishmash.
    It is returning to that now with these PACs of dubious conservative practices.
    As the old sayings state, “Follow the money” and if
    a sitting politician makes the statement that they are not influenced by the donation he or she has lost my vote because as far as I’m concerned if they will lie about one thing they will lie about another.
    Heather Scott has my support and she knows why.
    Priscilla Giddings has my support and she knows why.
    Others who I vote for do not have my full confidence and total support. I’m sure they know why.
    At my age every trick imaginable has been tried and or observed that is politically possible. You don’t fool a master fooler.
    Mallory take your weak political position, Sen Hill and lament, times they are a changing.

  2. If Mr Malloy likes living in a nanny state all he needs to do is move west in any direction and he would find his utopia? And I’m sure there’s a seat waiting for him in Olympia,Salem or Sacramento.

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