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Most Admired Person for 2018 – Christy Zito

Congratulations, Representative Zito!

Most Admired Person for 2018 - Christy Zito

2018 Most Admired Person
Idaho Representative Christy Zito

by Shari Dovale

The American Redoubt is a geographical location in the Pacific Northwest. It encompasses several states and is generally quite conservative leaning. The people believe in their communities, self-sufficiency, and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

These philosophies were reinforced during our recent poll for the Most Admired Person of 2018. The winner shows respect for the Constitution and the citizens of her state. She fights for their rights and calls herself one of the “watchdogs for our citizens”.

Idaho Representative Christy Zito

Redoubt News is proud to announce the winner of the Most Admired Person for 2018 is Idaho State Representative Christy Zito.

Rep. Zito is a Republican member of the Idaho House of Representatives, She was first elected to the office in 2016, and campaigned on the platforms of ‘Sanctity of Life”, the 2nd Amendment, Public Lands and Education.

She has held true to her words, and is a champion in Boise for the Second Amendment. Her current focus includes standing firm against red flag laws, extending constitutional carry, and guaranteeing criminal immunity for citizens that stand their ground.

Gun owners in the state of Idaho are passionate about their second amendment rights,” Zito said. “It is the idea that they can defend themselves. That is why it was written into the Constitution.”

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (ISAA) has been a strong supporter of Rep. Zito. “Rep. Zito has been a stalwart gun rights champion for Idaho,” says Greg Pruett, President, ISAA “She not only stands up to gun grabbers but also stands up to the establishment! She deserves this!”

Zito is passionate about being a voice for the people. Recently, during a hearing in the Health and Welfare committee, a rule was proposed for a mandate on a vaccine for seniors in high school.

She has never publicly commented on whether or not she is in favor of vaccines, however, Zito took off her name tag and testified at this hearing based on the mandate being written into this rule.

Whether you vaccinate or not is your business,” she tells us. “What is my business is the government having to mandate that you have to do it. It is unconstitutional to mandate.

These are the things we have to watch for and be careful of, mandates like that, and little bits of incremental loss of our rights. I think that is as important as anything we do when we serve in the Legislature.”

Zito is disappointed in the process for the administrative rules. “The IDAPA rules are made by the agencies, and they don’t have to go thru that same process that Legislators must go through to pass laws.”

Confidence in Representative Christy Zito

Zito has said she would be willing to co-sponsor legislation to correct the rules process. She is also looking into how to help the public become more aware, therefore able to testify at these hearings. “With the technology that we have today, there is no reason for people to be missing out.”

Zito tells us that she gets probably as many calls concerning Daylight Savings Time as she does about the Second Amendment.

The practice of moving the clocks ahead one hour in the spring and back one hour in the fall started during WWI to save energy, but with changing technology, it is no longer effective and the associated health dangers impact people of all ages. According to studies, the 1-hour time change can trigger many underlying health issues.

A bill to abolish Daylight Savings Time in Idaho could be presented as soon as next week.

Red flag laws are probably the highest on Rep. Zito’s list this session, and how people don’t always understand what they mean to the citizens.

Red flag laws do away with Due Process, which is a bedrock of our Republic,” Zito explains.

An example used was if someone got into an argument with another person and one party called the Sheriff to complain that they felt threatened. If the person had a gun, the red flag laws could apply and they might get arrested based on no actual proof of a crime. At the very least, they might loose their firearms under the same circumstances.

Red Flag laws have been proposed in Idaho during previous sessions, and there is talk that more will be submitted this year. Rep. Zito is watching closely for any possible bills that could ignore due process.

Zito currently sits on the Agricultural Affairs, Judiciary, Rules & Administration and State Affairs committees.

Congratulations, Representative Zito!



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5 Comments on Most Admired Person for 2018 – Christy Zito

  1. We can take Ms Dovale’s warm endorsement of Ms Zito as high praise, and you folks are lucky to have her…Not to detract from Ms Zito’s strong 2A stance, I have to say that we’ve had enough pussyfooting around the real purpose of this vital amendment. The statement above : ” It’s the idea that they can defend themselves, that is why it was written into the Constitution” sets me off, and I can’t see how the need for personal defense can be twisted out of “Necessary for the security of a free state”…Like the other nine original amendments, 2A is there to prevent abuse by the government, not to stop robbers or rapists. As a Bundy Ranch vet, I can tell works !

    • Hi Neil —
      Let me give it a try for you. I think you’re both correct. When someone says that the idea of the 2nd Amendment is to protect citizens’ rights to protect themselves, that statement is not exclusive of other factors which also played on the framers’ minds. It is but one factor in their overall view, that protecting one’s life, home, property etc is one of what Jefferson said was one’s “Unalienable Rights”.
      But that does not exclude the logical extension — which is that protecting one from government abuse is also a priority, a primal right of anyone consenting to be governed by any man-made government, which most Americans do (that is to say, most do consent to be governed within enumerated limits in national and State Constitutions as written, of course).
      As the good Lord knows, we little folks need protections in hand on all levels of the social order these days.
      But let me take this to a yet more pertinent, more significant, and more important consideration, which also is an extension of both your and Representative Zito’s assertions. That would be the Founders’ vision, wisdom, and experiential consensus which required that this collection of States in Compact was expected to include the “Militia of the several States”, as referred to in three places in the national Constitution as well as in the 2nd Amendment.
      The more complete measure of “Personal Responsibility”, which is hinted at in Rep. Zito’s assertion, and which is fine-tuned in your assertion, is finally displayed when a citizen accepts his rightful and equal share of security for not only his family, property, and home, but also for the well-being of his community and ultimately for his State. That is of course the role of the Militia.
      And *That* is why the scoundrels who would destroy our way of life as moral individuals committed to Freedom/Liberty got rid of our Militia at the State level and County level, claiming to replace our rightful Militia with a “national guard” and announcing that We The People who are not serving in the national guard or military are thereby members in the “Unorganized Militia”. I would repeat something Dr. Edwin Vieira emphasizes often — the term “Unorganized Militia” is a contradiction in terms, for without organizational structure (and command by the State’s governor) there is only a number of armed citizens — that doth not a Militia make.
      I’ll hush now, Neil. But first will congratulate Representative Zito on her award; and also send a friendly salute to Shari for working as hard as any politician to preserve our “Unalienable Rights”; and finally an old Marine’s Brotherhood Salute to you for being a charter member of the Bundy Ranch Victory.
      Elias Alias

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