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Land of Opportunity or Land For Exploitation?

This illegal invasion and occupation is overwhelming our sovereign nation.

Generation Opportunity

Land of Opportunity or Land For Exploitation?

By Pete Ketcham

For many years the US had been referred to as “The Land Of Opportunity”, where an immigrant could achieve wealth, success, and citizenship through our legal immigration process.

But by what is taking place in our nation today, it should now be referred to as “The Land For Exploitation”, as our legal immigration process has now been so distorted and twisted, it has lost all logical procedure.

The Democrat’s policy of facilitating and aiding illegal immigrants with sanctuary cities & states, welfare benefits, voting rights, attempts to abolish ICE, and other insane policies has created a World Wide Beacon to the rest of the world’s citizens to come,  illegally enter, and stay in our country.

To these illegal immigrants, the US truly is the “Land of Opportunity”, more particular
the opportunity to be supported by our welfare system, work for low wages, transport drugs across the border, engage in criminal activities such as sex trafficking, murder, robbery, gang activity, and be protected from prosecution by the liberal Democrats.

There is absolutely no question that the third world countries in south America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle east, and other areas know full well how to “game” our feckless southern border policy as they  (legally or illegally) cross our border. In essence, the Democrats have issued a world wide invitation to invade our nation.


It is completely obvious that the Democrats are facilitating this illegal immigration invasion in order to build a base of Democratic voters that will keep them in power indefinitely. It is equally obvious that the Democrats have no regard for the damage they are doing to the nation’s integrity and security by their policies, as long as they are able to retain their political power.

Trump is doing what he can, but the tide of this illegal invasion and occupation is overwhelming our sovereign nation. We have indeed become the world’s ‘Land Of Opportunity” for exploitation of the freedom and prosperity that has painstakingly been created by the legal citizens of this nation over the years.

I sincerely wish there were a viable solution to this mammoth immigration problem, but even if “the wall” was built, it would not solve this national crisis as long as the Democrats posses the political power (which they now have) to obstruct and circumvent all the efforts to control the illegal immigration invasion.


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