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The State Does Not Own Our Bodies

Regardless of your feelings about vaccines, We Own Our Bodies.

We Own Our Bodies

We Own Our Bodies

The Far Left Radicals in Oregon have a super majority if you have not heard. These tyrants are  the most radical, Insane, Ameriphobes that have ever existed in one spot under the sun. These useful idiots think that snow is black, and the world revolves around their ideology.

Craaaazy bills have been popping up with 40 or more pages. Thank the Lord in Heaven that the Republican Senate finally grew a spine and left the capitol a couple of days ago, so that these criminals would not have a quorum to continue their plunder of Rights, and Property.

One of the many tyrannical usurpations, have garnered a lot of attention lately. They actually have a bill (HB 3063), that if complied with, would further empower government, and erode a person’s Rights. This is a forced vaccination bill that flew through the House. This bill would make it illegal for a student at a public school to forego any vaccination the government would have you take…ever. This could include any injectable and there is no medical , or religious exemption.

Regardless of your feelings about vaccines, We Own Our Bodies. Why is the left so concerned about a women owning her own body when it serves to kill babies, but when it could harm a kids health, they think they are God. Maybe they just hate kids…scratch that, they hate everyone, we are just useless eaters.

We were born with unalienable rights that cannot be taken or even given away. We are a product of God and Nature, not of the state. All rights are derived from property, and our bodies are our property, that’s why we have a Right of self-defense, etc. The state has been stealing our property for years, but when it comes to our bodies, I believe there will be pushback. If this passes, I hope everyone homeschools, and the Public Employees Union that get these shmucks elected go broke. The Revolution just evolved.

In Liberty,
Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oregon Firearms Federation
Founder, Oregon Irregulars 3%
N. Coordinator SAPO/SASO


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1 Comment on The State Does Not Own Our Bodies

  1. Hey Chris,
    It’s great to see you here, Brother. I am with you all the way when it comes to owning our bodies (and our minds, too!). Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence makes it perfectly clear that you are correct when you insist that we are self-owners. That is protected by the entirety of the U.S. Constitution. As Jefferson implied, no “man-made government” has any proper authority to own a citizen’s body.
    Chris, I don’t recall if I mentioned to you in our last phone visit, but I’m doing a psy-op which targets the police state that has been built over several decades in the name of the so-called “War on Drugs”. It has to do with the same point you have made in your article above. Any time a government grows hauthy enough to assert ownership over a citizen’s body, that government has exceeded its Constitutional limitations and in fact is committing a criminal act against the citizen.
    While I join you with your opposition to the insanity of state-enforced mandatory vaccinations, I’d like to invite you to join me and The Mental Militia in my newest psy-op — Silver Seeds of Liberty! Check this out, Bro, and do let me know if you can run with this idea.

    The statists on both sides of the aisle have long supported the war on drugs, not pausing to think about the fact that using law enforcement to punish people for smoking their pot ultimately empowers government. When the Christian community finally wakes up and sees that the UN’s Agenda 21/30 programs are too powerfully established to deny, and that the one-world government plans held by statists at the UN include a plan to replace Christianity with a one-world religion and sets about to eliminate Christianity world-wide, the Christians who supported that war on drugs will too late wake up to see that in their zeal to empower government to own citizens’ bodies had inadvertinently empowered the one-world government to persecute them, prohibit their worship of the Christian’s God — in other words, wipe Christianity out of the world here.
    George Washington was right in his assessment of the true nature of “government”. No man-made government has any authority to own a citizen’s body — and that means that no man-made government can properly force any citizen to receive an unwanted vaccine. Neither can any man-made government properly assert ownership over any citizen’s body by prohibiting what a person chooses to put into his body.

    So do check out my newest project please, and help me spread the word if you approve.
    Thanks Chris,
    Elias Alias

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