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Patriot Nurse: Welcome to the ENDGAME

July 19, 2023 0

Welcome to the ENDGAME: This is What a Crash looks like   In this video, Patriot Nurse discusses the crazy housing market, rent spikes, socialist revolution and how history informs the present. This train has [Read More]


*UPDATES* Help Bret Recover

June 19, 2023 1

*UPDATES* Help Bret Recover *Bret is the Techno-Guru for Redoubt News. Many friends and well-wishers have asked for updates on his medical condition.  Bret was finally able to get the nuclear stress test. This showed [Read More]


Follow the FAKE Science!

May 18, 2023 0

Follow the FAKE Science! by Shari Dovale There is ongoing evidence that current scientific papers that are being published are actually Fake, and this has been happening for some time. A neuropsychologist by the name of [Read More]


IODINE: Essential or Dangerous?

August 30, 2022 0

IODINE: Essential or Dangerous? Why You Need Iodine? How Much?   Health Info.  Please do your own research.     KenDBerryMD The Family Redoubt This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the [Read More]

Heart of Hope Health

Heart of Hope Health

May 2, 2022 0

Heart of Hope Health Where the Heart Matters Editor’s note: I looked, as the author advises, and joined. The people there have been friendly, helpful and polite! We are more than happy to print this [Read More]

Let's Go Brandon

Let’s Go Brandon

December 27, 2021 0

Let’s Go Brandon By Mike Huckabee A man who jokingly ended a televised phone call to President Biden by saying, “Let’s go, Brandon” (and Biden unthinkingly repeated it) has been identified and now says he’s [Read More]

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