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Counties Across America Support the 2nd Amendment

Gun control, though a priority for Democrats, will not be easy to pass

Counties Across America Support the 2nd Amendment

Counties Across America Support the 2nd Amendment

by Shari Dovale

In states where “red flag laws” are being enacted, dozens of jurisdictions are refusing to confiscate guns from citizens as it has been viewed as violating the US Constitution, as well as their state constitutions.

Resistance to gun control laws is not a ‘strictly western states’ idea, as some suggest. Thwarting Democrat efforts to enact gun control is taking place in multiple states, including Washington, Oregon, Nevada and New Mexico, and moving east across Illinois and further. Gun rights resolutions and ordinances are reaching Atlantic coast jurisdictions, with North Carolina, New York, and Maryland being included.

The sanctuary movement can claim dozens of jurisdictions nationwide, including states, counties, and sheriffs. The rise of opposition to gun control laws has shown the great divide between rural and urban America. Smaller, more conservative areas are pushing back against the big city, Democrat-dominated governments aggressively demanding gun control.

Washington – The voter-passed initiative I-1639 has met some of the fiercest opposition, with Attorney General Ferguson battling in court the citizen complaints of criminal misconduct spearheaded by a group called “Washington Strikes Back 1639“. The group argued that Ferguson used his office to campaign in support of the initiative, which could be construed as a criminal act according to current law.

Currently, 24 of 39 of Washington’s county sheriff’s oppose the enforcement of I-1639.

Oregon – The “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance” was put on the ballot of multiple counties and watched closely throughout the country. The successes in the Democrat state bolstered other states and counties to enact measures for their citizens.

13 out of 36 counties in Oregon have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.

New Mexico – 29 out of 33 county sheriffs have signed a letter by the New Mexico Sheriffs Association vowing to not assist in enforcing certain gun control, with 28 out of 33 counties adopting Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.

The Democrat Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has been attempting to shame these Sheriffs on Twitter, despite her allegiance to ignoring Federal immigration laws.

From the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (emphasis added):

New Mexico, the state with the largest percentage of Hispanic residents in the nation, could be the latest to adopt sanctuary status regarding immigrants, under a Democratic plan.

Identical Democratic proposals introduced in the New Mexico House and Senate say state agencies would be barred from cooperating with federal immigration authorities seeking to hold or deport immigrants suspected of being in the U.S. illegally.

Illinois – Currently, 26 of Illinois’ 102 counties have opposed gun control bills in the Illinois General Assembly.

Maryland – 3 out of 23 counties have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.

Nevada 4 out of 16 counties have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, with Eureka and Nye county sheriffs vowing to defy the universal background check law passed in February 2019.

New York – After the SAFE Act was passed in 2013, New York counties began looking at resolutions in opposition. Several legal challenges ensued, including from the New York State Sheriffs Association.

Though most of the NY SAFE Act was upheld in Federal court, the provision that only seven rounds of ammunition could be loaded into a ten-round magazine was struck down with the Judge calling it “an arbitrary restriction” that violated the Second Amendment.

Colorado – 33 out of 64 counties have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions, in opposition to laws such as Colorado House Bill 1177, a proposed “red flag” law.

North Carolina – Cherokee County passed the three-page resolution declaring itself a “gun sanctuary county”, and Pender County is considering a vote on a similar gun sanctuary policy in April.

Additional jurisdictions in other states are considering these same types of ordinances, resolutions and protections for their citizens.

Gun control, though a priority for Democrats, will not be easy to pass, as the citizens of these United States are making themselves heard … loud and clear. They will keep their rights granted by God and guaranteed through the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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