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Knife Control Laws in the US?

History has shown that to take control of a nation’s people, they must be disarmed.

Knife Control Laws in the US?

Knife Control Laws in the US?

by Pete Ketcham

It is amazing how the socialist left is able to see the persons behind the recent knife attacks on the London Bridge, the recent killing of student Tessa Majors in a Manhattan park, and may others, yet not one peep about proposed “knife control”. No restrictions on who can buy a knife, limits on the length, or national registration etc.

In like kind when a deranged person plows through a crowd of people, killing and injuring many, there is no cry from the leftist about vehicle control, it is the driver they focus in on (which is as it should be).

But let a killing take place with a gun and suddenly it is not the person behind the gun, but the gun itself. Suddenly there is legislation proposed to restrict gun ownership, outlaw magazines, lock up guns, and many other proposals to restrict legal gun ownership.

Yes, it is obvious a semi automatic rifle or pistol is far more dangerous than a knife, and yes, there definitely should be some laws concerning who should own a gun for the safety of the general public, but the safety of the general public is a minor concern of the leftist socialists gun control advocates, their main objective is to completely disarm the entire population of the US except for their own personal safety.

And so, why is that?

History has repeatedly shown that to take complete control of a nation’s people, they must be disarmed. This has been vividly demonstrated in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China, Communist North Korea, and most Muslim countries where the religious leaders rule with an iron fist.

And so today in the US, we see this same objective by the leftist socialist Democratic Party who’s desire is to take complete control of all three branches of our constitutional government in order to convert our nation to a socialist global nation with open borders, sanctuary states, guaranteed income, and the list goes on, with the ultimate goal of complete control of all facets of our lives by the government.

It is a complete hoax when you hear terms like “sensible gun control”, “common sense gun laws”, “take guns off the street”, and many other disarming (no pun intended) terms. These proposals are just stepping stones to the ultimate objective of complete gun confiscation by the left. They use the horrible mass shootings to politicize their gun confiscation agenda, instead of zeroing in on the deranged shooters who would kill by any means possible if they didn’t have a gun.

Thus it is so important that lawful gun owners do not give up their guns when states controlled by democrats pass unconstitutionals gun laws that make law abiding citizens felons if they do not comply with these laws. At present we are facing such laws here in the state of Oregon requiring us to lock up our guns, rendering us completely defenseless against home brake-ins. Incorporated in these unconstitutional laws is the provision that if your gun is stolen and used in a crime, you are subject to prosecution.

At this time throughout the nation the liberal leftist gun control advocates are using an unconstitutional step by step process to strip our guns away in order to facilitate their socialist government control agenda, which leaves us no choice but to defy these unconstitutional laws.



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2 Comments on Knife Control Laws in the US?

  1. “…and yes, there definitely should be some laws concerning who should own a gun for the safety of the general public…” And who determines that? And how far is too far? And when will they stop?
    I must respectfully disagree. Any gun law is void on its face as it is in direct violation of the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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