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Liberal Media Still Melting Over Patriots Day

The Radicals on the Liberal Left cannot allow any Oath to the Constitution to go unchallenged.

Liberal Media Still Melting Over Patriots Day
(Photo: Real 3% Idaho)

Liberal Media Still Melting Over Patriots Day

by Shari Dovale

Patriots Day is a day set aside to commemorate the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, and honor the people who gave their lives in the fight for American Freedom and Independence.

In 2006, the State of Idaho recognized the sacrifice for Freedom and Liberty and proclaimed:

April 19 of every year as Patriot’s Day in the state of Idaho in commemoration of the opening events of the American Revolutionary War and the struggle through which the nation passed in its early days to be established as the great land of freedom in which we live today.

This is a day that the majority of citizens take very seriously. Idahoans from across the state gather in Boise on April 19th to celebrate the Patriots in our history.

This year, a rally was hosted by the Real 3% of Idaho. Guest speakers included Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin, Rep. Chad Christensen, and many more.

The event received high praise from several citizens around the State. However, contrary to the public view, the liberal leftist media are having their own versions of meltdowns trying to change that public opinion.

The local CTR shills have identified April 19th not as Patriots Day (legally recognized throughout the country and the State of Idaho) but as the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. One Op/Ed actually tried to suggest that celebrating the bombing was the real reason for the rally in Boise.

That is showing severe desperation, in my opinion, as the Left-wing extremists and Marxist Media cannot seem to allow people to honor anything Patriotic in our State, or our Country. Patriotism does not fit their Socialist agenda.

They decided to single out Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin for administering an oath of allegiance to the Constitution to anyone that chose to participate. This oath was not intended to be legally binding, but an act of conscience.

But, again, the Radicals on the Liberal Left cannot allow any Oath to the Constitution to go unchallenged. They cannot abide by anyone’s personal decisions. They MUST demand that everyone acquiesce to their agenda.

Rep. Chad Christensen received his own special blessings from the propagandists media. They chose to highlight not his words but everything negative they could say about his words, even suggesting that he stole the speech from his friend, Adam Kokesh. Christensen spoke about corruption in government, hence the attacks. Too bad for the liberal lackeys, Kokesh has given his blessings to the freshman lawmaker. (Oops, another nothing-burger here.)

There were many others at the rally, but this is the best the tyranny-loving leftists could do. They are grasping at straws as they see their Socialist agenda slipping away from them.

God Save The Republic.


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