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What Does Kudzu And The Federal Government Have In Common?

So wonderful are the privileges and benefits that federal workers enjoy, that they will do whatever it takes to protect them.


What Does Kudzu And The
Federal Government Have In Common?

“The great object of my fear is the federal judiciary. That body, like gravity, ever acting with noiseless foot and unalarming advance, gaining ground step by step and holding what it gains, is engulfing insidiously the [state] governments into the jaws of that [federal government] which feeds them.”  ~Thomas Jefferson

by Loren Edward Pearce

Anybody who has been in any of the southern states, can’t help but notice an invasive plant species called Kudzu. A Japanese ornamental plant imported to the USA a century ago, it is spreading to 150,000 acres per year.

Kudzu is a vine like plant that covers utility poles, trees, buildings and anything it is allowed to cover.

While kudzu is not all bad and does have some beneficial uses, it is nonetheless a nuisance. It is opportunistic, looking for ways to grow and get in the way of other plant species, basically bullying them into submission by growing over them.

Are the similarities with the Federal Government starting to become apparent?

In listing the long train of abuses committed by King George and his centralized government full of bureaucrats and dependent employees, Jefferson complained:

He (King George) has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.—He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Federal judges may no longer be dependent on the will of King George, but they are dependent on the federal government for the amount and payment of their salaries. They drink out of the same trough as any other federal employee, they serve the best interests of the federal government and despise any who use the constitution to reign it in.

Swarms of officers! When the protests took place in Bunkerville, hundreds of federal employees became involved, either at the scene or behind the scene. The swarms descended on this remote area of the country, to justify their existence and to see what misery they could bring to a small ranching family by tearing out century old water works, killing cattle, setting up free speech zones, closing highways, bullying people standing on the side of the road or accessing public lands, and, like the Kudzu, being a nuisance.

Likewise, an obscure, reclusive family living in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, became ground zero for at least 400 government employees who swarmed in to make life miserable for this family, killing the mother, Vicki Weaver, with babe in arms, and who just wanted to home school their children and mind their own business, all under the pretext of protecting the nation from a man who cut a sawed off shotgun ¼ inch too short. Hundreds of federal employees who had nothing better to do except spend millions in taxes for their unnecessary and deadly operation.

Joe Robertson, in a recent Youtube video, tells about the time that he surprised some federal EPA agents who had trespassed on his property to empty his ponds, thinking that he was tied up in court and that they could do their dastardly deed before he came home. EPA agents who had nothing better to do.

The point is this:

The federal government has grown and spread to such a degree that the 100’s of thousands of employees who work as employees or contractors for the alphabet soup agencies, not counting the military, are in constant need to justify their existence, to find something to do. In reality, unlike the private, for-profit sector, there is little concern for job security, as the federal government rarely lays people off. They don’t have to, they have secure income from taxes and from deficit spending.

On the internet, are found many stories of federal government employees who get paid for doing nothing.  There is no financial incentive to avoid overstaffing and to hold employees accountable for what they do. There is no incentive to cut fat and run lean.

Unlike the private sector that must make a profit or not survive, the federal government can milk tax payers and treasury bond buyers to build empires and buy votes from constituents who benefit from the plethora of federal jobs.


This writer, while visiting the many trials that involve protests of federal government overreach and federal government actions that are blatantly unconstitutional, I noticed the many federal agents and officers from the various alphabet soup agencies, such as, Homeland Security, FBI, Marshalls, BLM, etc., that I was amazed that they did not step on each others toes. The coordination between the law enforcement agencies, must be a monumental task. An even greater task must be to keep these hundreds of federal employees busy and free from boredom.

Ammon Bundy recently produced a video entitled, “What Direction are We Going as a Nation?”.

At the 6:00 mark, Bundy says that when the government acts outside the power that the people have given them, they become very dangerous. That danger is manifested in deadly force, killing people like Vicki Weaver and LaVoy Finicum, among many others.

I have written repeatedly about the federal government becoming an exclusive club, a club of thousands of employees and contractors who have special privileges, special benefits (they are exempt from Social Security and Obamacare), special immunities and special protections.

They are allowed to go into restricted areas, off limits to the public.

So wonderful are the privileges and benefits that federal workers enjoy, that they will do whatever it takes to protect them, up to and including deadly force. These special benefits and compensation awarded to federal workers assures their loyalty and their obedience. That loyalty and obedience to the authority of those who occupy the upper ranks of the vast network of bureaucracies and agencies, leads to many of the atrocities we have seen, and will only grow, like Kudzu, if the people do not take measures to reign it in, measures already given to us in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The government was set to protect man from the criminals,
and the Constitution was written to protect man from government”  ~Ayn Rand

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