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FBI on Trial: Message from Jeanette Finicum

How many of us would have been allowed to write our own rules?

FBI on Trial: Message from Jeanette Finicum

FBI on Trial: Message from Jeanette Finicum

The criminal trial of FBI agent Joseph Astarita is coming to a close.  I have been here each day, listening to the testimony.  Watching the witnesses and wondering what the jury is believing and rejecting.

After approximately one week of testimony one of the biggest messages I walk away with is that the FBI treated the crime scene — where LaVoy was shot and killed — much differently than they had been taught and trained to.  They walked all over the crime scene picking up pieces of potential evidence, ordered the Oregon State Police to turn off their body-cameras and refused to give individual statements to the criminal investigator assigned to learn the truth about the events leading up to the shooting of my husband.  I wondered quietly, how many of us would have been allowed to write our own rules, not any one of us would be allowed to throw out the rule book without explanation or reason.

I have been providing video updates to the trial and offering some thoughts and feelings on my Facebook page, you can follow me here.

I wish it were otherwise, but the reality is that my family’s wrongful death case will be very expensive.  I have been told that we will need to potentially depose dozens of individuals and retain several expert witnesses.  If you are in a position to help financially, please make a donation, purchase a book, tshirt or Pocket Constitution.  We need your help to stay in the fight.


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6 Comments on FBI on Trial: Message from Jeanette Finicum

  1. The Kangaroo Court (Legal Fiction so called) created in 1789 during the usurpation of moral law, is here represented in this “Show Trial” whereby if a Jury (the country represented by 12 randomly selected members of the people) were to convict, then the jury would have convicted someone who was apparently not proven to have willfully done anything wrong.

    The criminals working for the government made sure that their assassin would not be investigate by the people, not presented with a conspiracy murder trial, and the criminals posing as the government made sure that no inculpatory evidence, that could prove willful intent, ever made it to the jury.

    So why are people dumfounded in this case: it is pathetic.

  2. It sounds as if the FBI and other Govt. Agency’s have taken on a life of their own with their own Rules and dare I say Regulations.
    I don’t believe this was J Edgar Hoover’s intentions.
    It’s been a rogue entity in our Govt. For decades. It should be eliminated, PERIOD.
    Investigate the Investigator’s.

    • “…taken on a life of their own with their own Rules…”

      The criminals made slavery legal in 1789. Before that coup-de ‘eta slavery was outlawed.

      Before the criminals took over the law of the land was the common law, not a “legal fiction” designed to take “on a life of their own.”

      Before the criminals took-over the government in 1789 it was a possible for the people themselves to investigate, present their findings, which then leads to trial by the country, so as to validate the facts, the law, and the people, through common law trial by jury consent to – or do not consent to – anything claimed to be law by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

      Why is that news to anyone? If it is news to anyone, why do you willfully choose to ignore the facts?

    • That’s why all this “Back the blue” hoopla is just that! That’s like backing catholic priests. I’m sure they’re not all crooks but if someone doesn’t get a handle on our “law enforcement “ and call it like it is, we are doomed as a nation. Our judicial system is totally messed up our law enforcement is all messed up and our prisons are overflowing with people that shouldn’t be there and the ones that should be there are still walking the streets. It’s discouraging to say the least.

  3. Once is an Accident, Twice is a Coincidence, Three Times is a Pattern.

    The F.B.I. has a real nasty habit of mishandling evidence when Patriots are involved. Waco and the Murrah Building bombing are two examples. How the heck are you going to lose a video of McVeigh getting out of the Ryder truck. And at Waco much evidence went missing.

    But that is the point I imagine…the evidence was not mishandled…the pattern indicates it was handled exactly those with power wanted it to be handled.

    I am proud of the idea that I can live with people who don’t want or need privileged authority (a.k.a. That place being America)…but there is a whole lot of privilege going on in positions of authority that should be crimped up tight.

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