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The Character (OR Lack Thereof) Of The Liberal Left

I am now convinced that there is nothing that can be said to change the minds of these depraved people on the left.

The Character (OR Lack Thereof) Of The Liberal Left

The Character (OR Lack Thereof) Of The Liberal Left

by Pete Ketcham

The definitions of “character” are somewhat numerous, but the following two basically sum it all up:

1. “The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”
2. “The general qualities distinctive to an individual.”

Traditionally we all accepted that if an individual was honest, moral, fair minded, and truthful, that individual possessed a good character. There were of course other indicators of good character such as courage, humility, loyalty, etc that defined the good character of an individual.

What we see today in the leadership of the liberal left, is a 180 degrees from what would be defined as “good character”. They have now progressed so far down the ladder of morality, that to them, it is a good attribute to be able to lie and deceive another person successfully. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and many more Democrats in leadership positions will twist a positive event such as a Trump tax reduction, or company salary raise into the apposite effect, and call it bad for the American people. They and their staff know full well that what they are saying is a lie designed to mislead the American people, but firmly believe their mission to move their agenda forward is justified by any unlawful or deceptive means available. They have literally immunized themselves to the truth, and refuse to acknowledge the reality of facts.

As I have said in previous articles, there is now no way that people of character can communicate with the deranged left, let alone change their thinking with facts and truth. The left could care less for facts, truth, and honesty, they are simply obsessed with their perverted mission of destroying all that is traditionally moral and good in this nation. Today the liberal left is so filled with rage and hate, that they have left behind any vestige of good character in their desire to destroy the christian based laws, traditions, and even the christian people themselves. This characterless rage and hate as projected by the Democrat party, the mainstream news media, the entertainment industry, LGBT, and academia is so extreme that it has lost all logic, and is literally bordering on insanity.

Nothing less than a catastrophic event resulting from their illogical actions will ever change the left’s thinking or character. A somewhat mild example of what it takes to change the mindset of the left is illustrated by the recent action of the liberal Seattle City Council and Mayor passing a $275 yearly company head tax on every employee of Amazon, Starbucks, and other large Seattle based corporations. Amazon responded by stating they would immediately shut down their plant expansion, and perhaps join other major corporations threatening to move out of Seattle. The morons running the city (City Council and Mayor) have now rescinded that tax law, but anybody with common sense would have known in advance it was a completely illogical decision that would never be accepted by the corporations.  Likewise, the Democrats in California are in the same mindset as they pass one illogical law after another, but their actions will bear far greater consequences than the debacle in Seattle.

Many conservatives wonder, how long it will take for truth and reality to prevail against this typical illogical hatred that was so recently demonstrated by Robert De Niro’s vulgar juvenile denouncement of Trump at the Tony awards. I am now convinced that there is nothing that can be said to change the minds of these depraved people on the left.

This meltdown of character in the world of politics, entertainment, and academia is unprecedented in the history of this nation, in fact I believe we have no more chance of changing the left’s illogical depraved beliefs, than the German people had of changing the brutal beliefs and agenda of the Nazis.

Unfortunately this decline in character and logical reasoning is going to continue to get worse due to the fact that the left has complete control of the entire US school system, and of the government by the deep state criminal cabal. Trump, his staff, and supporters are doing all they can to combat this criminal cabal, but due to the fact that Muller is still conducting his unconstitutional rogue investigation, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Loretta lynch, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and others of the deep state are not being prosecuted, indicates that the deep state left is still in control of the government at this time.


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