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Legislative Update – Rep. Heather Scott

Legislative Update - Just because the state legislature is not in session does not mean government is at rest.



Rep. Heather Scott – District 1

Summer is here!

As we enjoy the awesome endless possibilities summer has to offer here in Idaho, I want to give you a brief reality check.  Just because the state legislature is not in session does not mean government is at rest. Agencies, bureaucrats and lobbyists work year round.  Proposed rules and regulations are being drafted nearly every business day.  Our republic needs your regular participation and diligence, even in the summer.  So grab something cold, put your feet up on the deck, review some draft legislation, provide direction to elected officials and sleep better at night knowing you are vigilant.

Incident in Twin Falls Idaho

Many citizens from around the state have been contacting me seeking information about the child rape incident, the refugee resettlement program, and asking why they are not hearing more from their own legislators on this important issue.


Below is a link to a letter I sent to each of your Idaho legislators a few days ago, urging them to take a more active interest in this developing situation, educate themselves on the facts and keep their constituents updated.  I urge all of you to contact your elected officials and share your concerns on this issue and other issues surrounding the federal refugee program and what is happening in our state.


Here is a link to the letter I sent all 105 scottlegislators.


Assembly Woman Michelle Fiore (NV) and Twin Falls Victim

You are receiving this legislative update newsletter scottbecause in the past you have sent me an email with a particular concern related to legislation.

Please share this link with others:

JULY Administrative Rules Fees and Regulations


AGRICULTURE:  Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices, Rules Governing Grade A Milk and Milk Products, Dairy Waste, Beef Cattle Animal Feeding Operations, Agriculture Odor Management, Domestic Cervidae, Importation of Animals, Governing Nutrient Management, Stockpiling of Agricultural Waste, Governing Poultry Operations, Commercial Feed Law, Idaho Fertilizer Law,  Voluntary Public Services of the Idaho Department of Agriculture Laboratories, Noxious Weed Rules, Noxious Weed Free Forage and Straw Certification Rules, Rules of the State of Idaho Board of Veterinary Medicine, Rules of the Idaho Grape Growers and Wine Producers Commission,  and finally, the Idaho Soil and Plant Amendment Act rules.


EDUCATION: Postsecondary Credit Scholarship Program, Residency rules college, Rules Governing Administration, Rules Governing Industry Partner Fund (CAREER TECHNICAL EDUCATION), and Rules Governing Thoroughness.


ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY & TECHNOLOGY:  Rules Governing Oil and Gas Leasing on Idaho State Lands, Rules for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), IDAHO PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION:  Rules for Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS)

REVENUE & TAX:  Idaho Sales and Use Tax Administrative Rules-AIRCRAFT AND FLYING SERVICES,- Property Tax Administrative Rules, and National Automobile Dealers Association Guides


TRANSPORTATION & DEFENSE:  Idaho Motor Fuels Tax Administrative Rules, Motor Fuels Tax Rule 130


RESOURCES & CONSERVATION:  Rules Governing the Taking of Big Game Animals,


HEALTH AND WELFARE: Rules Governing Child Support Services, Criminal History and Background Checks, The Investigation and Enforcement of Fraud, Abuse, and Misconduct, Rules of the Idaho Board of Nursing


BUSINESS:  LOCAL GOVERNMENT: COMMERCE & HUMAN RESOURCES: Land Surveyors alternate pathway to licensure, Idaho department of Insurance: Producers Handling of Fiduciary Funds, Restrictions on Discretionary Clauses in Health Insurance Contracts, Rule to Implement the NAIC Medicare Supplement Insurance, Minimum Standards Model Act, and the adoption of the International Fire Code. Idaho Department of Labor- Unemployment Insurance Benefits Administration Rules and Unemployment Insurance Tax Administration Rules.

 Administrative rules are negotiated and allow for citizen input.  To see the complete July bulletin of rules got to:




In Liberty,

Rep Heather Scott District 1A


  P.O. Box 134  |  Blanchard, Idaho 83804  |  (208) 920-3120