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Has There Been A Loosening In Navarro’s Iron Grip?

He emphasized his family's legal standing, water rights and "Beneficial Use" of the land.

Has There Been A Loosening In Navarro's Iron Grip?
Ryan Bundy (Photo: John Locher, AP)

Has There Been A Loosening In Navarro’s Iron Grip?

By Norton II

The much anticipated opening statement by Ryan Bundy dominated today’s morning session.

Haltingly at first, Bundy, who is representing himself in this important trial, introduced himself as a child in the Nevada desert, then moved on to the long history of his family as Nevada pioneers and ranchers.

Tracing the Bundy landholdings back to shortly after the Civil War, He emphasized his family’s legal standing, water rights and “Beneficial Use” of the land, activities that had established their prerogatives under Nevada State Law.

To this observer, Bundy’s occasional forays into Constitutional law could have best been left out of this criminal trial, but his refrain of “Claim, use, and defend” in regard to our constitutional rights was entirely on point in this setting.

That the Bundys had claimed and used this desert landscape to good purpose is undisputed, but the necessity of defending their rights, so courageously implemented by them in 2014, is the core and cause of this trial. There might be some question about “Educating” the jurors on the Constitution, it being unlikely that many of them have concerned themselves with it, but surely this Claim, Use and Defend concept is understandable to them, and struck a chord.

The jury was visibly engaged by Ryan’s presentation, and his occasional awkward transitions, while lacking polish, helped to identify with them.

Having come to expect an obstreperous and vocal prosecution after the first trials, we were greeted by a new phenomenon today – silence, Despite their past record for Pavlovian objections, Myhre and Co remained somnolent, allowing Bret Whipple yesterday, and Ryan today, free scope.

After the debacle – for them – of the first trials, speculation was rife as to a possible change of tactics by the Govt. Would they “Keep doing the same thing, but expect a different result” ? This pulling in their horns and ending the jack in the box routine may signal a new regimen.

Withal, a one – two punch is in the offing, the first delivered by Ryan. As I have mentioned elsewhere, Ammon Bundy has proven himself a witness very dangerous to obfuscating prosecutors. His grace under fire, presence of mind, and gift for simple succinct answers to hostile questions has been seasoned by long experience with the press. He flummoxed Prosecutor Gabriel in Portland, and has already frustrated Myhre in Vegas. Tread carefully Mr Myhre !


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2 Comments on Has There Been A Loosening In Navarro’s Iron Grip?

  1. The government’s position is very simple: No American citizen, EVER, has the right to defend themselves against the government. Why? Because the government is ALWAYS right. Just ask Rosa Parks just how right the government is. The government was in the right, they had court orders, they had LAW and ORDER on their side. Rosa Parks did not have LAW and ORDER on her side, the law clearly stated that blacks were to give up their seat to whites, PERIOD! What part of the law don’t you understand Rosa Parks? You are not to disobey the LAW!!! Nor are the Bundys supposed to disobey the LAW, they are to allow the BLM to kill their cattle, destroy generations of water infrastructure, set up sniper posts with guns pointed at their children. One more time, the government is always right and the citiizen has no right to defend themself in the name of LAW and ORDER!!!

  2. If the Federal Prosecution and Judge continues to be abusive and unconstitutional I would request an impeachment of the judge and or dismissal of this case. Additionally, I saw at least five Government agents crawling close up on a high hill just above the area where the Bundy’s set up their Support station. I also viewed four government snipers on the high mesa just north of the BLM compound holding the Bundy cattle. I also was confronted by BLM Agents with a friend when they confronted Dave Bundy in a red pick up truck. When I explained who I was and my background they back off. Furthermore, after this encounter as we drove back to Mesquite we view two UTV’s with 4 Forest Service Agents in them with Automatic rifles at high speed headed to the area we had just left. This was two days prior to the I-15 Bridge encounter where the BLM released the Bundy cattle. This was before any Militia member’s ever came to the Bundy Ranch to support them. I am a Mesquite resident. I have been for nine years. As a former Law Enforcement Manager and Legal Consultant I have found the Federal Governments actions in this entire case to be unconstitutional, corrupt, unethical and a travesty of American Justice.

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