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GOVT Duplicity Revealed in Bunkerville Trial

The prosecution is saying that they may not have turned over required evidence to the defense!

GOVT Duplicity Revealed in Bunkerville Trial

The existence of this information has been repeatedly
and falsely denied by prosecutors in proffers and offers of proof
to the Court and to the defense.

By Shari Dovale

In a motion for mistrial filed late on Tuesday, Nov 14th, defense attorneys revealed a Bombshell that the prosecution has LIED again!

The charges against Cliven Bundy, and the other defendants, include in part the false messaging the government claims was used to attract supporters to Bunkerville in 2014.

The government stated that the social media messaging put out by the Bundys that “now they have our house surrounded” was false and misleading. This has been a key point in the government’s case against these defendants.

However, in their multiple super-secret sealed hearings on evidence, it has been revealed that the government has known all along that their narrative is untrue and false! The previously hidden information, disclosed just this week, is that the statements of Mr. Bundy were precisely true.

Read the motion here.

What the prosecution have been attempting to hide from the world, and the defense, is that an army of 20+ fully armed BLM officers with AR-15 assault rifles and FBI SWAT with “snipers” had set up a Forward Operating Base less than two miles from the Bundy Ranch home – beginning April 5 (before the Dave Bundy arrest).

This is significant as the prosecution claims that Dave’s arrest was a catalyst to project the “false messaging”. The government argued that after the “arrest of Dave Bundy” the “message changed” and the social media messages escalated to “they have got my boys” and they have “snipers” pointing at us.

What About The Cameras?

It has now been disclosed that the cameras were set up and live streamed to anyone that was given access to the camera’s internet IP address. Additionally, the defense has only just learned the names of never-before disclosed witnesses who viewed the live video surveillance feed from these cameras.

The prosecution has already been caught lying to the defense and the court. Just this week, Daniel Scheiss stated that Ryan Bundy was belligerent and defiant to law enforcement at a cattle auction in Utah and required tasing before being arrested. That was proved to be false, resulting in Ryan’s release from pre-trial detention.

The prosecution requested a continuance before opening arguments commenced. The motion states:

“…the government further explained, after making an oral motion for continuance, that additional grounds for the requested continuance included the government’s need to review government emails not in the prosecution team’s possession, and also – and this is exceptionally significant – the need of the government, based upon allegations made in Ammon Bundy’s prior motion, to re-review the materials that it has not already produced to the defense, meaning material in its possession that it has previously “suppressed”, to ensure that it has complied with its obligations to do so. “

The prosecution is saying that they may not have turned over required evidence to the defense! Again they are caught being underhanded and deceitful, yet Judge Gloria Navarro has not even sanctioned them, let alone dismissing the case as she should!

Add this to the revelations that the prosecution was in Bunkerville on April 3rd, prior to even these events. Did the US Attorney’s office coordinate what needed to happen during the coming days? Did they call the shots to put the snipers in place? What exactly was their role, since the US Attorney should not have been there at all?

If Judge Navarro wants to retain even a smidgeon of credibility, she will dismiss this case immediately. She has already proven herself to be biased, yet she seems to want to correct that image. Will she do the right thing?

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7 Comments on GOVT Duplicity Revealed in Bunkerville Trial

  1. None of them have been paying attention to who the president is or what his real capabilities are either. They are so full of hubris.

    Trump is watching this very closely maybe not daily, but one of his sons is glued to all of it.

    At this point it does not matter what straws she grabs at, only the shot straw is available. She is done and the ninth district is going to get upset. There will be much noise about such, grandstanding and such. End of the day, Trump is going to change even the ninth!

    Tell me how often Trump has lost?

    He don’t lose, way too many short change his capabilities. navarrow is but another stone in the creek to be stepped upon. And she will be. She is so ******* stupid, but seems to be seeing the sunrise, a bit. Too Late Gloria. You are toast and just don’t know it yet.


  3. Over coffee this morning I had a vision; A frantic Navarro and her gang sinking in quicksand, a morass called the Bundy case.

    • Judge Navarro made an outstanding closing statement. She left the prosecution have it with both barrels, and she was hot, for a long list of improprieties and “willfully” disregarding sharing proper evidence became it would be favorable to the defense. They blew it, big time, thinking they had it in the bag.

  4. So, prosecutors were there before the “standoff” checking things out. And wasn’t Dan Love upset because the prosecution’s office was giving the orders during the “standoff” and not him? Smells like a setup to me, fishy!

    • Two days after Harry Reid appointed his Senate adviser NEIL KORNZE as his BLM Director, it was KORNZE who ordered the 200 contracted mercenaries to invade Bundy Ranch; it was KORNZE who directed their BLM “Gold Butte Impoundment Operation” to do so; and, it was KORNZE who ordered Dan Love from DC on every thing to do & of what evidence to shred & destroy.

      • And Reid also hired his son. Besides all the underhanded BLM and FBI bullshit, Harry, Hillary and Barack were the instigators. They had hopes of the Bundy’s giving up and leaving so the three crooked pigs could get their hands on the property…..which just happens to be rich in Uranium and sell it off to China. Three of the evil sub-human garbage that are lower than disgracful. Almost as bad as are the FBI operatives embedded close to the Bundy family, passing on information….most useless creatin on two legs.

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