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Trials and Protests – Update from Pahrump!

Prosecutors are asking for “Terrorism” enhancements at sentencing for Todd Engel.

Trials and Protests - Update from Pahrump!

Trials and Protests – Update from Pahrump!

By Shari Dovale and John Lamb

Lots of news coming out of Nevada this week.

The first tier of Bunkerville defendants are awaiting a status hearing next week, mostly for motions and other items related to the re-trial of their case.

Todd Engel (photo: Facebook)

The prosecutors have said that they will not be charging Todd Engel or Greg Burleson again on the charges the jury deadlocked over. Each was found guilty on lesser charges and are scheduled for sentencing in July.

Engel was found guilty of two charges and the Prosecutors are asking for “Terrorism” enhancements for his sentencing. He is now facing a possible 30 years in prison, due to these enhancements

Burleson was found guilty of 8 out of 10 possible charges and faces a total of 57 years in prison. The prosecutors are not asking for the same terrorism enhancements against Burleson.

The remaining four defendants will be re-tried beginning June 26, 2017. The second tier defendants, which include Cliven Bundy, will not begin their trial until 30 days after this one is completed. The trial is expected to take up to another couple of months, so the second trial is not expected before September at the earliest, more likely October or November.

This will put the trial of the third tier defendants out until next Spring. Most of these defendants have been in custody over 470 days now. This will put their pre-trial incarceration to 2 years, in most cases.

tea party leader
Jerry Delemus

Jerry Delemus was one of the first defendants to reach a plea arrangement with the government. Based on reports, he was coerced into making the agreement as his friends and family were targeted for arrest if he did not agree.

As soon as the first Oregon trial ended in October 2016, Delemus filed for a hearing to have his plea changed. He has waited for months to get his hearing.

Judge Gloria Navarro has finally ruled that Delemus will not receive a hearing and has scheduled him for sentencing later this month.

Reports are surfacing that Blaine Cooper is expected to testify against all of the defendants in Nevada. Cooper has stated that he will cooperate in order to get a reduced sentence for himself. Prosecutors have suggested a six year sentence for Cooper.

Camp Liberty is holding strong despite the ferocious winds that prevail. They have raised, at last count, over $25,000 for the defense of Ammon Bundy. They continue to protest, and are garnering support from the local community.

Though they had originally set up camp on the roadside across from the Pahrump Detention facility, and had been there for couple of weeks, the acting under-sheriff paid them a visit this week. Though he was polite about his message, he was very clear that they had 24 hours to get a permit or leave, as they now faced trespassing charges.

A local Patriot came to their aid and gave them leave to camp on their property, which is actually a better location right behind the Facility. They have set up and been supplied with all the food they can eat. The only thing they might be needing is basic camping supplies for those that did not bring enough, such as sleeping bags and tents. Tarps would also be nice to use as wind breaks.

Malheur II - What Judge Brown DID NOT Allow This WeekBut the government keeps trying to throw curve balls at the protesters. Earlier this week, Brand Thornton attempted to visit the prisoners in the facility. Many of you may remember that Judge Anna Brown in Oregon has dubbed him “Mr. Shofar”.

Thorton had his shofar with him when the guards decided it was a dangerous weapon, and even called it a bow-and-arrow. A SWAT team surrounded him and he has now been banned from the facility completely.

CoreCivic (formerly known as CCA) is a privately contracted company to run the Southern Nevada Detention Facility in Pahrump, as well as other facilities. This facility is strictly a holding place for those that have not been to trial, or not been sentenced. From here, the prisoners get moved to permanent locations.

It must be considered low security as many of the “guards” are only armed with batons and pepper spray. There are very few guards with firearms.

However,these glorified rent-a-cops have allowed power to take them over, They use this power against prisoners, and now the protesters.

They have filed multiple false reports of protesters violating their space. Violations that include (falsely) that protesters stepped across the boundary lines and onto prison property, or that protesters slapped a moving prison bus. These reports are going nowhere, as it has been proven by video that they are false. Yet, the guards continue to attempt heartache with more reports.

The protesters will not give up easily though. For now they are camped behind the prison, making daily treks around the compound in their “Jericho March.”

They continue to raise money and see support from the local residents. The can receive mail from the postmaster, addressed to:

Camp Liberty
1776 East Mesquite Avenue
Pahrump, NV 89048

They are accepting 2 types of donations. First for the defense of the prisoners, and second for the continued protest. They do not need much for their stand outside the prison, however, they do provide transportation help to others that would like to come and be a part of the protest.


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2 Comments on Trials and Protests – Update from Pahrump!

  1. Using terrorism laws shows how truly corrupt our supposed Federal Officers of the Courts have become. Everyone with even half a brain knows these laws don’t apply, but Power over The People is the Agenda here. God Bless our Freedom lovers being held on fake charges just to pacify and get retribution for Harry Reid and his cronies.

  2. In the grand scheme of things nowadays, I am a nobody. But, in the past year, thanks to the Bundy family and many others, my eyes have been opened to the world around me for the very first time, and I mean really, truly, opened.
    I grew up in a time when we could count on law enforcement to help and protect the people. We were taught to respect you, look up to you, and to trust you completely. The FBI was, supposedly, the ultimate law enforcement agency. The elite. Whenever the police couldn’t solve a crime or couldn’t do something, you were called in to get it done. When we thought of FBI, we thought of courage, integrity, and most of all, honor.
    This past year has taught me differently. I learned the truth about you. What I have learned has been shocking, devastating, but most of all, sickening. I watched you choose your ‘bosses’ over your fellow man. I watched you label them as terrorists and claim that they, and all who stood with them, to be a ‘virus’ that needed to be stopped from spreading. I watched you smile and shake hands with these men and all the while, you were planning their deaths. I watched you ignore the peaceful resolution offered to you by the Bundy’s in regards to the Hammond family. I watched you set up a kill stop in the middle of nowhere, force a man into it and then and kill him while he had his hands in the air. I watched you shoot him repeatedly in the back. I watched your edited video of the incident on national television while you smugly lied and claimed it was all justified. Then, I got to see the actual videos by the very people you were bent on murdering.
    I have watched you use the media to spread a false narrative to the American People, in order to influence their thoughts and feelings against those involved in standing up to your corruption. I watched you abuse these people while in custody. You have starved them, thrown their food on the floor like they were animals, you have chained them to walls and forced them to urinate and defecate on themselves. I have watched you try to force an unlawful medical procedure on Ryan Bundy against his will, and with no authority granted by the judge all in order to get a bullet out of him that is proof of your lies and corruption. I have watched you use any little thing in order to throw these guys in solitary. I have watched you intimidate and tamper with witnesses during trial. I watched you lie under oath during trial. In a nutshell, I’ve watched your fall from grace by your own actions.
    Here’s is what I’ve learned that I hope you will wake up to and, hopefully, learn from.
    The Bundy’s and all the others who stood with them are good people. Truly good people. YOU swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. YOU failed, but THEY didn’t. Everything THEY did…EVERYTHING…was well within their Constitutional rights. YOU swore to protect the American People. YOU failed, but THEY didn’t. THEY put their own lives on the line to right a wrong being done to the Hammond family by the Government- your bosses. YOU did everything in a sneaky and underhanded way, and you lied constantly. THEY did everything above board, out in the open, and even videoed everything they did for the whole world to see. THEY told the truth from start to finish. Everything YOU did was to earn your paycheck. Everything THEY did was because it was the right thing to do. Period. Do you see the difference? We sure do.
    You blew it, No one respects you or trusts you, anymore. You have become the criminals, the corrupt, and the traitors. Thankfully, people see this now. The Bundy’s and the others are the men and women of true integrity, honesty, and courage. They have proven themselves to be so. They have become the ones We the People look up to, trust, and follow because they have succeeded in all the ways you have failed us. When are you going to realize that the more awful things you try to do to them the more respect, the more support and the more loyalty they get? In the past year, you have lost everything that TRULY matters while earning your money. These men and women haven’t been able to earn a dime and yet they have gained everything that’s important and lasting. You are darkness, and getting darker every day. They are light and get brighter every day. Who do you think people will be more drawn to?

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