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Bunkerville Defendant is FBI Informant

If this case does not get thrown out, it will indicate just how deep this corruption goes.


Bunkerville Defendant is FBI Informant

by Shari Dovale

The Nevada Bunkerville Protest Trial heated up today when it was unintentionally disclosed that defendant Greg Burleson has been a paid informant for the FBI since 2012.

The prosecution called FBI Agent Michael Caputo and FBI Agent Adam Nixon to the stand and, in an unusual move, the court instructed the jury that this testimony would be used only in reference to Defendant Burleson.

The prosecution attempted to be careful of how they questioned the witnesses, however, they did ask a few questions that raised eyebrows. The only defense attorney that was allowed to cross examine the agents was Burleson’s attorney, Terrence Jackson .

Jackson gave every impression that he was not aware of his client’s true status. He questioned the witnesses until they made the admissions. Over multiple government objections, and amid several small conferences with the other defense attorneys, Jackson continued to hammer at the agents with questions until they admitted to Burleson’s status as a Federal Informant.

Burleson has worked with the FBI on other cases prior to the Bunkerville Protest. Towards the end of 2015 Burleson initiated contact with the FBI. It is believed that this was the time that the scheme to plant Burleson in the prison was hatched.

Burleson has been kept apart from the other prisoners, it was said, due to medical problems. It has been reported that he has gone blind, is in a wheelchair and suffers from Diabetes. Complaints of lack of medical care have been made throughout the time of his incarceration.

Burleson was not taken from the courtroom after the shocking announcements, and no motions were requested for a mistrial. Though, this seems to be a likely case to be declared a mistrial.

As one of the defendants, Burleson had access to all pretrial conferences and defense discussions. All investigations and other evidence would have been completely available to him, and therefore, to the FBI and prosecution, as well.

What will the government do next? If this case does not get thrown out, it will indicate just how deep this corruption goes.


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11 Comments on Bunkerville Defendant is FBI Informant

  1. Dirty and dirtier – The BIG danger in all of this manipulation of the law and legal system, is that it has repeatedly lit the fuse for national havoc.

    As I see it, the hope of a ‘fair trial’ is really the main restraint for decent people who see government as the #1 danger to life & liberty. As long as decent people believe that there is at least a chance of a fair trial, they will try to settle matters in court. When it’s repeatedly demonstrated that investigations, ‘evidence’ and the courts are rigged Soviet style show trials, then a nation full of decent people have no more legal options. It’s one thing to oppress a once free people: it’s another to rub their nose in it.

    Seek peace while it may be found.
    Sic Semper Tyranus

  2. Actually, Robin- the Miller’s worked for Las Vegas Metro as informants. Their “capture” on the Walmart cameras was so bogus that Metro had to revise their story. What’s more damning about Burleson- I just thought he was a big mouth alcoholic, is that he sat in on all the strategy meetings with the other defendants. How much did he tell his handlers. This guy is totally miserable now healthwise- but the Feds needed his Facebook rants and Long Bow interview to try to get these other men. It’s a miracle that he was outed.

  3. I wonder if the loud radical instigating informant, Greg Burleson the Agent Provocateur, may have radicalized the young couple, Jerad and Amanda Miller, who went on to murder the 2 Vegas police while eating pizza shortly after attending the Bundy standoff. I wonder if there’s any video of the 3 of them together at Bundy’s ranch.

  4. #ITMattersHowYouStand

    There is a murdered rancher without an indictment. The government is out of control and most Americans are allowing it happen. Those of us who stand for individual rights are called extremists and terrorists by the very government we created to protect those rights.

    Keep writing letters to the Attorney General and the White House. Make a louder noise than the slaves who have already surrendered their freedom to the nanny state.

    We are LaVoy’s voice and will not be silenced!

    • Keep pledging to your flag…..and supporting them troops. If you knew anything about who was slaves, you wouldn’t think like you do about troops and freedom.

    • Please go to my contact page on my website I would like to talk to you about getting your voice heard loud and clear.

  5. Wonderful Shari!
    Apparently attorney Jackson had been played as well, and was angry at being used.

  6. After the exposure of a number of FBI informants at Malhure – and I never tire of reminding everyone that it was my own superb attorney, Lisa Maxfield, who exposed the “Fabulous Fabio” – we are not surprised at seeing informants at Bundy Ranch. The possibility of an informant among the defense team is a different story – explosive !If Burlson was violating attorney-client privilege while he conferred with his other defendants it will blow this trial apart.

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