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Breaking: Fiore Reveals Bombshell in Bundy Case (Video)

The government is out of control and running as if they are above the law!

Fiore speaks, Prisons

Breaking: Fiore Reveals Bombshell in Bundy Case

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore dropped a bombshell today in the Bundy case.

Citing personal anonymous sources, Fiore confirmed that the Federal government has no actual case against rancher Cliven Bundy, or any of the other defendants in the 2014 Bunkerville standoff case.

A lead FBI agent working with the prosecutor in the Bundy case revealed information about the case on Friday, July 29, 2016. It was revealed that the FBI does not actually have any evidence against the Bundy’s or their co-defendants.

The main reason that the judge has sealed the evidence is because there is none!

The only evidence in this case is from Facebook. There is no actual evidence of a crime being committed in Nevada.

The plan is to delay the trial for as long as possible so that the defendant’s spirit gets broken. The FBI is counting on these regular people needing to be home to take care of their families.

Being incarcerated for over six months is taking it’s toll on the cowboys and their families. Their parents, spouses and children are having to deal with the effects of not having the major breadwinner in the home. Some of them are said to be homeless.

It has been revealed that Joseph O’Shaughnessy was threatened with never seeing his 80 year old mother alive again.

Is it any wonder that these good Patriots are settling for making deals and plea bargains. The actions of the FBI are coercing the patriots to flip on the Bundy’s, as well as make up stories in order to straighten out their home situations.

Theses tactics make people believe they are in trouble, and could spend over 100 years in prison, when they haven’t done anything to warrant this, at all.

“However, when you have an authoritarian agent terrorizing you, and trained to do so,” Fiore explains, “one can become traumatized and cooperate believing that is the only way out.”

These American citizens are being held hostage in jail with no actual evidence. They are just hoping to break them into submission. They have sealed evidence from the press and the American people. They are frightening innocent men into taking plea bargains.

This is the country we have become. These tactics are against the very fabric of our law. Would you be able to handle this if one of your family members were locked up under these circumstances?

This must stop! The government is out of control and running as if they are above the law!

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15 Comments on Breaking: Fiore Reveals Bombshell in Bundy Case (Video)

  1. The corruption needs to be stopped and those Americans should be set free. God will end up judging everyone’s intentions, actions and words at the Last Judgment. Those corrupt judges, lawyers, and FBI agents, etc., shall not escape. I use to think it was a bit harsh for God to toss the people who loved evil into the Lake of Fire. Now, after watching evil slowly creeping over our land and the devastation it causes those who try to do good, I’m thinking that maybe God has the Right of it, after all.

  2. I remember as a kid growing up in the 50s and 60s it was the RED scare…duck under your desk drills for nuke attacks…showing examples of human rights violations..

    they took over without firing a shot…because we let them. they disguise it as liberal, progressive, democrats…they are communists all.

    and their own, those within their ranks that think they have the support of “progressives” like the LGBT community…oh yes…their next hitler marches with them…then she takes money from countries that would kill them while selling 20 percent of our uranium to those we had a cold war with for 45 years. they follow the saul alinsky bible, control the health care, divide them as a people pitting one against the other, food will be next…oh wait…untouchable monsanto and gmo’s…

    dead fbi agents in trump tower…how about that…a terror suspects father sitting behind the democratic front runner at the convention. Khan…a man who lost his son…but who appears to have gotten 375k from the clinton foundation.

    Bernie was right to support her out of fear of dying from “natural causes”…

    Can the country be saved?

    You tell me.

  3. Sickening. What’s it going to take to get these guys released and the real criminals incarcerated, starting with Daniel Love, FBI Agent, the Federal Prosecutors, the Judges who have been corrupted and anyone else involved.

  4. Thank you Michelle Friore!!! Where did their right to a speedy trial go? Why are they not innocent until proven guilty. This sham of a legal system and it is bringing shame upon America as a whole. Harry Reid and the Clintons partners In crime and are a disgrace to man kind. They have pick this fight on purpose for profit! They are Robots with no heart for America or our people. They all claim to be Christians, yet they promote evil against our Constitution and the hard working people who follow it. This is the result of their absolute greed! Wake up America and make America Great Again for our future generations as it was for us of the past. Vote Trump and Free the Cowboys every where!!! You are Americas last hope!!!

  5. If this happened to me could I be broken easily? If I in my heart felt like what I was doing was the right thing, despite the consequences, hell no I would not break! To the Bundy’s be stead fast. If what this article says has any truth to it, stand your ground!!!

  6. These ‘Cowboys’ are delusional and instead of jail should be in a mental institution. Assemblywoman Fire along with them.

  7. Amazing bombshell. Totally unsubstantiated claims from a proven liar and sympathizer of the detainee, asking us to believe absurd claims only her followers could be ignorant enough to accept. This changes everything.

    Enjoy prison.

    • Proof??? I have read hundreds of responses this week that have been written in the ‘Oregonian’ on line new. The Amerikan Kommunist is alive and well. Freedom and liberty to a Kommunist is like holy water to a vampire. The educated believe that somehow they are so much smarter than the average person. Their education elevates them above all others that they perceive as hillbillies, hicks, ignorant, stupid, idiots or those who are believers in God and the American Constitution, Bill of Rights. Tyranny at all levels of government is overwhelming!! To the leftist Kommunist God has been replaced by all levels of government. All must bend their knees to government and the government is accountable to no one. Individualism must be crushed at all costs and replace by collectivism.

    • To even say such things makes one believe you have stakes in the stealing of the property??? The government charging fines for cattle grazing on land the WE THE PEOPLE OWN….. Since when did cows grazing hurt rocky dirty desert land???? Liberal hogwash! I hope you are never forced from your home. All this because harry reid wants to sell the whole parcel off for the minerals…

    • why should they (Americans) enjoy prison?????
      Send them all home!
      And harry reid should be held in the same prison for wanting to sell mineral rights to china

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