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Kate Brown – Not my Governor

She will bend over backwards for Islam because it will get her more votes

Kate Brown - Not my Governor
Portland anti-Trump protesters on Jan. 20, 2017. (William Gagan)

Kate Brown – Not my Governor

by Chris Brumbles

Remember about 8 years ago when Obozo was violating the Constitution and ramming the not so affordable health care law down over 70% of the populations throat; you know, the biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of the world.  Remember that the TEA party rose up to take back our country. TEA Party was everywhere  and were attacked by the media and dimwit Demon crats for trying to save our country. The TEA party was called domestic terrorists and other pejoratives, but remained calm, didn’t leave messes, respected property rights and didn’t threaten to blow up the White House, even though we were not happy with our undocumented so called President. The left gloated and bragged about their Obozo phones.

Jump up to Occupy and how these left wingers defecated on and practically decimated  the park on the waterfront in Portland. They smoked weed and did  drugs while impeding traffic, committing rapes and vandalizing businesses. The Mayor of Portland enabled these cultural Marxists to rule the city with no accountability and at the end of the day, we picked up the tab.

Now we not only have left wing groups like ANTIFA, Revolutionary Communist Party, Refuse Fascism, Disrupt J20, Black Lives Matters, and other Marxist groups Rioting all over the country, stomping their feet because they don’t like who was elected President. Here in Oregon we have a number of schools that have adopted the Marxist agenda and are practicing indoctrination rather than education and we have a Demon crat Party that has gone rogue. PSU has a Revolutionary Marxist course; Lincoln High School is having a “Saturday teach in, to discuss what educators must do in our classrooms, at our schools, and in our communities to resist the Trump agenda”.  Yes the Portland City Commissioner is going to attend. Guess what idiots, half of the country voted for Trump….the productive half that pays the bills and you don’t speak for us.

The other day the Governor of Oregon went on a rant about how she would form a coalition as it were to resist anything Donald Trump. In her speech she raved about how Oregon would protect all Oregonians even if they were here illegally or refugees. Are they Oregonians if they are here illegally or refugees? Kate Brown went on to say that Oregon will protect all religious freedom; I suppose that what she was saying is that she will bend over backwards for Islam because it will get her more votes, we know how the State treats Christians when they won’t participate in gay marriage…they get fined into bankruptcy. I wonder how Kate Brown will pay for her voting base extension, and the loss of Federal Funds, she can’t even come up with a budget that isn’t 1.7B dollars heavy.

The next time you want to call someone a Right Wing Extremist for standing up for our founders principles and what is really American, take a look at the left wing snowflakes and their Marxist instigators who live in a world where everything is free, there is no accountability and there are participation trophy’s for everyone. Look at these spoiled brats and their destructive ways and tell me what kind of country you want to live in. Then ask yourselves if your elected officials should be using your money to fund revolutionary Marxism.  Kate Brown, we will remember that you run again in 2018….you are not my Governor, and you don’t speak for me.

In Liberty,

Chris Brumbles
Columbia County Coordinator
Oath Keepers and OFF
Co-State Coordinator, Oregon Oath Keepers

2 Comments on Kate Brown – Not my Governor

  1. Governor Kate Brown took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and that includes the Bill of Rights. Another important part of our Republic is the rule of law. If she is not fulfilling her oath, she is not doing her job.

    I’ve never seen any document that states a governor can pick and choose which laws she will obey. This sets a horrible example for her constituents, and especially their children. Will the next fad in criminal defense be, “Well, the governor ignores laws, why can’t I?

    And she’s going to “resist” the duly elected President of the United States as well? I understand that it can be disappointing when your candidate loses, but the election is over. Trump won and Hillary lost. Governor Brown will have another chance to vote in 2020. Until then, Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America.

    The next four years will give the Democrat Party time to work on their image. Right now, they seem to be the party of intolerance, defiance, screaming, temper tantrums, silly chants, and riots.

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