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Is There a Path to Victory?


Is There a Path to Victory?

by Pete Ketcham

The political spectrum, stretching from the local school board to the presidency of the United States, is a complex system of laws, policies, and agencies. The local citizen in many cases realizes that there is considerable corruption embedded in this political system, but feel there is little they can do to impact it.

Years past the Tea Party movement provided a local conservative public forum for these people, who in some cases were motivated to run for office, testify at senate/house hearings, write & publish articles, campaign for conservative Republican candidates, attend public rallies, and other activities. Today there may be a conservative forum found in the Trump MAGA movement, but it deals primarily with national politics and the Trump agenda, not state and local county politics.

When one looks at the 2020 national (presidential) county election map, the red Republican counties far outnumber the blue Democrat counties. This Red county majority is not an issue of a popular vote (which may favor the Democrats) but indicates a potential for a combined conservative movement of Republican counties to push back against the Democrat national agenda and Democrat state governments. In Republican controlled states, the county pushback would be considerable less than that required in Democrat controlled states.

Illustrating this concept, the Democrat controlled State of Oregon is preparing to pass a horrendous gun bill, that (among other restrictions) would make a legal active concealed carry permit holder a felon if they just drove by an airport, or public building. In response to this legislative insanity the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners has issued order 21-16, basically a proclamation that states “Jackson County opposes any additional state and federal laws, regulations, or restrictions on the Constitutional rights held within the Second Amendment”. (See below). In essence Jackson County has told the state and federal government they are not going to comply or enforce any forthcoming state and federal unconstitutional Second Amendment laws. It should be noted that the county sheriff is the primary law officer, sworn to enforce constitutional law within the county, not unconstitutional law.

Although the preceding example is just one example of Republican county action, it illustrates that the Path to Victory for the average citizen may be through the Republican counties that could defy not only unconstitutional second Amendment laws, but other unconstitutional state and federal laws, regulations, and restrictions.


It may be exhilarating for an individual to parade down the streets of DC or a local town, waving MAGA flags and placards, but it doesn’t make the impact that a personal visit to the local county commissioner’s meeting would. A citizen could also make a significant impact locally by running for offices such as school board, city council/mayor, or county commissioner.

Lastly, as far as the major cities such as New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and others that have been under siege by riots and chaos for the last four years, local action does not seem very probable as long as the citizens continue to elect Democrats as mayors and council members.

Is there a path to victory?

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3 Comments on Is There a Path to Victory?

  1. The US Constitution is the supreme law (and contract for those who serve in gov.) of this land. The 2nd Amendment reads: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” with no exceptions/exclusions added; it does not except dangerous or unusual weapons, automatic weapons, weapons not envisioned at the time it was written, national security, emergencies, “reasonable” regulations, or extenuating circumstances. The 2nd Amendment recognizes a natural right that already exists.

    The 2008 Heller case acknowledged that the Second Amendment protects “an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes.” The McDonald case affirmed that opinion in 2010.

    In Article I, section 8, of the Constitution, no delegation or grant of power is given to the fed or state governments to make any gun-control laws.

    • No, have you not learned what a military dictatorship looks like?

      Now if you are talking about all who serve within the military, the governments, law enforcement KEEPING their Oath to the US Constitution rather then to titled/ranked people or positions then we agree. Because our government are those documents, the people are placed into position to carry out those written duties be they elected, hired, contracted, etc are NOT our (American) government.

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