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The Lynching of Idaho Representative Heather Scott

Elected officials in the Idaho Legislature are maligned, bullied, man handled, and intimidated by legislative leadership to “get in line” with the establishment.

The lynching of Heather Scott

The Lynching of Heather Scott

by Sue Dawson

Speaker Bedke’s Idaho Legislative Plan: Silence the opposition and move through the House the designated sanctioned bills of the establishment. One public hanging of an elected conservative should do the trick AND improve the cooperation of those that remain.

Elected officials in the Idaho Legislature are maligned, bullied, man handled, and intimidated by legislative leadership to “get in line” with the establishment. Apparently only the conservative officials are the bothersome ones. There has been a consistent attack on conservatives for some time in the legislature. There is a well-groomed culture of fear and intimidation that keeps most legislators under control.

Currently the legislative leaders are attempting to permanently remove a conservative legislator who is particularly “troublesome”, Heather Scott. She speaks her mind and Speaker Bedke cannot have that! Even though many have expressed their sense of outrage about this abuse of Speaker Bedke’s power, not many are willing to risk their position to speak up. All know, through various well place “lieutenants” that speaking up, even in private conversations as Scott did, will set in motion the ire of the leadership leaving them at best isolated, shunned, and essentially ineffective in their duties.

The public image of Speaker Bedke is squeaky clean while the real issues of misconduct by the more progressive house members he consistently sweeps under the rug and hushes up. “Nothing to see here, move along”, or “we need to ignore this distraction and get on with the duties of governing” is the most standard reply to allegations of abuse of power and real misconduct. And the clincher is “We hope this settles down soon”, all the while Bedke himself continues to keep the disciplinary action against Heather Scott in the news headlines and criticizes her if she defends herself. –A Beautiful example of the left’s Alinsky-style tactics to discredit their enemies. The local Democrat media is happy to help run the lie campaign against the “whacko”.

Enter the Idaho Six-Pack. Six House of Representative heroes are speaking up! Ron Nate, Priscilla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, Karey Hanks, and Christy Zito. Each have their own reasons for contesting the targeting of Heather Scott mostly directed at the pitiable leadership decisions by Bedke. They all have interesting stories of their own regarding their experiences in this legislature. And the one thing they all have in common –the desire to represent the voice of their constituents, and not to be silenced. You will be hearing a lot more from these brave heroes as the battle lines are drawn.


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2 Comments on The Lynching of Idaho Representative Heather Scott

  1. The Progressive movement all across the nation is replete with their tactics of intimidation. For them, the end justifies any means at all. I remember Rahm Emmanuel stripping naked to enter the showers with a Democrat senator at their congressional gym who didn’t tow the line. The senator resigned his office.
    Breitbart, Scalia, and … what’s the current body bag count in the Clinton closet – ?
    This is similar to what the Muslims do. Many come into this country with the threats already firmly established, so they don’t have to do anything overt. Same in Idaho. At the national level, the Soros, Obama, Clintons, and general Democrat genre is hanging there for all to see.
    Just saying, a few well placed words can accomplish much without doing a thing publicly.
    So, where are the heroes? Most got into politics expecting the usual accepted or at least anticipated political manipulations. Things have morphed. I have to hand it to Scott. I have enormous respect for her and the others still standing.

  2. So why are there only 6 human beings standing up? Where are the so called righteous people who got elected? Many of us have suspected -known about the RINO’s for a long time. Thanks for shedding some light on this situation.

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