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Civil Deterioration Plaguing North Idaho

Keeping America Great starts on a local level

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Civil Deterioration Plaguing North Idaho

Elections have always intensified our opinions as each election brings with it uncertainties and Idaho has always been against ‘change’. For the most part neighbors just wanted to be left alone to deal with supplying for the hard winter ahead. There weren’t many complaints as people who lived here helped their neighbors, nonprofits flourished with activity,  and Government well, that seemed 3 thousand miles away. If you really wanted to work we were blessed with 6 lumber mills, the Northern Pacific substation,  and Sandpoint a city which grew beyond anyone’s expectations.

In the 70’s over 30 years ago which seems like a lifetime our State saw a massive influx of residents looking to change the area. this rapid growth put a strain on Idaho’s infrastructure causing an uprising in the 80’s by the voters (I can remember my Volkswagen Rabbit being swallowed by a sink hole never to run again). We started voting for moderates like Shawn Keough and later George Eskridge.

At first the changes were a welcoming sight as most were desperately needed, but with this change came unseen strings as North Idaho has no real voice in Boise. Through these ‘strings’ liberal input flourished and Boise went on a spending spree on such things as liberal colleges, the States Arts Council,  etc. Things which didn’t have anything to do with surviving the hard life we chose in North Idaho.

We noticed, instead, our elected officials not fighting to save our timber industry. Instead our elected officials chose to favor service jobs and abandoning sound financial decisions to accept what ever the Federal Government mandated to get the State more federally funding.

From the 80’s to present our area has become more and more politicized, from the Nazi invasion, taking prayer out some of our Government meetings, and finally a few years back an attempt by the City of Sandpoint to abandon a 100 year agreement to allow a religious artifact in a local park.

The artifact seemed to be the last straw and residents went back to the polls electing strong candidates who promised to stop the spending,  spend less time on tourism and more time on Idaho’s residents, and bring North Idaho back to it’s roots of limited government, good jobs, and help to repeal state intrusions which limit growth.

Today the liberals are under constant scrutiny and politicizing every event through the media. The conservatives are bad guys who want to take grandma off welfare. Those of us who are financially conservative and feel under the Constitution, both State and National, that there’s room for us all, are left feeling like we’re being sucked into the abyss. Infrastructure has grown beyond manageable levels, and all Schools are under attack from both sides (home school’s from the left and public school’s from the right), and the local media pushing panic from both sides instead of looking for real news.

Keeping America Great starts on a local level, so until we start to work together, this civil deterioration isn’t going to end.

Christian Schwab 

Sandpoint, ID

3 Comments on Civil Deterioration Plaguing North Idaho

  1. The Liberals portray themselves as “TOLERANT”.. These Marxists in disguise are the most intolerant group today. If you disagree with them they immediately ‘Demonize You ” .. labeling you as some sort of -Phobe.. What ever the flavor of the week is.. Well I’ve got a label for them .. They are AngloChristanHetrophobes…

  2. Your spot on.
    The real name of these people is Socialist Communist.
    Their platform under that title never gained traction until they infiltrated and took over the Democrat base.
    Bernie Sanders was vocal at the podium about his being a communist and Hillary just lied?
    Semantics true but we can’t let them change their spots too?

  3. “Working together” always has a nice ring to it. We’ve been sucked into this abyss of evil for many decades. The best example I can come up with is the so-called “solution” via compromise to end the Korean War/Conflict back in the early fifties. That compromise with evil serves as an example of how ineffective this tactic can be. It is from the Devil himself.

    Compromise is the continuing “modus operandi” of the left that always establishes its own ground by calling the right/conservatives and/or Christian community to give a little ground for the so-called benefit of all. That’s a devil’s trap because as soon as the left establishes this new ground and gain for them, the next step is to push for more. This tactic has been relentlessly pursued for generations and we have steadily lost ground as a result. The left has steadily gained until today our nation has become a bastion of Communists, Islam, homosexuality, atheism, pornography, drugs, and every other evil that assails what our country was founded upon.

    You won’t find that the left/liberals truly wish to work together. Our federal Congress has more than amply proven that as have the homosexuals.

    The Korean War compromise has cruelly turned on us as has every national compromise that seeks to persistently and incrementally chip away at what the US once was and was intended to be.

    “Work together” – ?! Trust me, “together” is not the way of evil. Islam makes a pretense at it but their Quran and prophet both preach the tactics I have previously outlined. Nothing but the eventual and absolute overthrow of the west, Christianity, capitalism, and freedom are to be tolerated. Assimilation is absolutely repugnant to Islam. Sharia Law is their absolute aim and NO other way is permissible.

    Our college and university campuses are riddled and overrun with anti-western sentiments of every venue on planet earth. In the early sixties, Christ, the Bible, and prayer were unceremoniously thrown out of all schools. Colombine in Colorado and like events quickly ensued. Islam is quickly being brought into our schools, the media cover it up, and lip service to the reasoning of “separation” of religion from our schools and government is becoming the new (and again, ignored by the news media) norm.

    Most of the rest of our nation is a landslide manifestation of the horrors of working together with the Liberals. Once the foot is in the door, “working together” becomes stabbing in the back. The Liberals have more than made my case for me everywhere they go. Unfortunately, most Liberals have no clue whatsoever of the real powers that push from behind the scenes of their own movement.

    I have debated in forums all over the country with numerous factions that attack the once favored truths, ideals, and concepts of our nation. Ultimately, I came to find that the Liberal community has no attachment at all to even a semblance of truth. Winning at all costs by any and all means (the end justifies the means) is their motto. Their president has amply proven my point – the Global Warming/Climate Change hoax and lie, you can keep your doctor, Benghazi, the IRS scams, Obamacare throughout its entire corrupted filth, Clinton’s selling US influence, opening the entire world to our most secure secrets, the Clinton Foundation scam/lie – well, the list just goes on indefinitely and the Liberals won’t even admit to the contemptible and obvious “news” media’s absolute bias, derelictions, lies, and slavery to ALL evils that destroy our nation.

    The rest of Christian’s article is excellent, but don’t ever introduce the idea of “working together” with liberal America. Their icons and heroes are the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

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