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Soros Poll Watchers Gathering Your Info?

Watchers Green Bonner

Soros Poll Watchers Gathering Your Info?

by Shari Dovale

The Democrats have decided to build a database of everyone that votes in select precincts.

They have scheduled poll watchers to listen and make note of every person that votes. According to Idaho law, every person that votes is publicly announced. This gives the poll watcher an opportunity to make note of your name, then go outside and call that name into a central location to include in their database.

This is, apparently, perfectly legal as long as they “hear” the name, rather than get it from the voter rolls at the polls. They are NOT allowed to look at the written records for the list.

Do you want your name included on their list?

The table below shows the schedules for poll watchers in BONNER COUNTY, ID. This may not be the complete list. If your precinct is not listed, please check as you go inside. Poll watchers are required to wear a name tag that identifies them as such.

Polls open at 8 AM and close at 8 PM.

To avoid having your name included in their records, here are some options that you have:

  • Vote around their schedules.
  • You can ask for your name to be stated quietly as you hand in your ballot (loud enough for the clerk to hear, but not loud enough for the watcher to hear)
  • Look at the watcher and ask them directly to NOT include your name in their records.

*NOTE* This is not an “official” suggestion from any candidate, party, or Redoubt News. It is just a suggestion forwarded from a concerned citizen. A citizen that would prefer that their vote remain as PRIVATE as possible. However you choose to handle it, please do not interfere with the workers doing their jobs.

Airport               9 AM to 6 PM

Selle                  9 AM to 6 PM

Humbird            9 AM to 6 PM

Kootenai           9 PM to 7 PM

Sagle                9  AM to 6 PM

Spirit Valley       9 AM to 6 PM

Baldy                9 AM to 6 PM

Algoma             9 AM to 6 PM

Edgemere        12 PM to 7 PM

Oldtown            9 AM to 1 PM

Colburn            9 AM to 6 PM

Hope                9 AM to 1 PM

Sandpoint        9 AM to  6 PM

Washington      9 AM to 7 PM

Dover                1 PM to 6 PM

As usual, let the poll WORKERS do their jobs.  The poll watchers are legally allowed to OBSERVE, but they cannot interfere with workers OR voters.

If you want to standout front of a polling place and pass out voter guides or hold signs, you MUST do it at least 100 feet away from the door.  Please do not harass voters as they come to vote or approach them within 100 feet of the door.

Always be polite and helpful if people have questions.  If you see anyone bothering a voter – especially within that 100 feet zone, please report it to the poll WORKERS when you go inside.

This is a heated election on many fronts so the best way to have your vote count is to get to the polls and cast your ballot!

1 Comment on Soros Poll Watchers Gathering Your Info?

  1. Being watched and RECORDED by the left/Progressives/Liberals is something that absolutely riddles every conservative’s vote, written (published or otherwise) word, sentiment, belief, etc.

    We cannot so much as make a keystroke on our computers without it being known and recorded. The IRS and most other gov’t institutions record, copy, and give out our most intimate details reported to this agency. The medical community is being increasingly manipulated into doing the same.

    There is nothing anywhere at all that Big Brother isn’t doing to “watch”, etc.

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