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Arriving in Portland *UPDATED* Day 4

It is difficult sometimes to remember that God is in Control, but that is what we hold on to.

On the way to Portland. Photo Credit: Aubrie Bosworth, Redoubt News

Arriving in Portland for the Bundy Trial

By Shari Dovale and Aubrie Bosworth

Day 4 – Aubrie

Sep 8th 2016

We were really rushed this morning but after the last few days of barley getting sleep who can blame us right? We made it in time to get inside the court room through which was great!

Going without coffee until almost six this evening sucked and gave me a big headache but giving up coffee for the day to get inside on time and see the smiles on the defendants faces was well worth it.

Once again we sat through another jury selection. I can not wait until they decide on the 20 they want to keep as the jury. Judge Brown once again played the “I’m your best friend” kind of thing with the jurors, But when it comes to the defendants she is very short with them.

Today Anna J. Brown made the comment “I’m not a judge of people and the truthfulness of what they are saying.”

Not a judge…Wow! That’s good to know! Lol

A very long day, can not wait for the jury to be picked! The same questions are asked over and over and I believe Anna likes to hear herself speak, to a point.

God is defiantly still in control and is looking out for us!

Getting a little less stressful to be in traffic here in Portland but it is still very terrible, City driving is WAY different compared to country driving.


Day 3 – Aubrie
Sep 7th 2016

Was an early morning for us, got to the courthouse a little early and made our way through the security. The mentality of the guards downstairs was kind of light and friendly (for lack of a better word). The guards upstairs, outside of courtroom 9A were a little more rough and borderline rude.

Shawna Cox

Talked with Shanna Cox as we waited for the courtroom to open its doors. She looked good said she could use a little more sleep but was doing good. It was good to see her again and to hear her ask how i was doing as she hugged me warmed my heart. Also talked with Neil Wampler he was doing good and of course had a smile on his face as he greeted us and talked. Neil said that he wanted us to forward his “most heart felt thanks” to all the people that support them and those who send prayers.

Neil Wampler

Sitting through the jury selection is a very tedious and long process. I can’t say I’m looking forward to sitting through it again and with only one bathroom break and no lunch? Yeah not the most enjoyable thing on earth that is for sure.

Not really liking judge Brown very much. At first it was almost like, do I dare say, she was sucking up to the jury? She spent a lot of time talking to them saying thing like “It (the 1st amendment) protects even offensive speech” and. “It warms my heart that people will step up when they are needed.”

She laughed and smiled with the jury a lot and seemed like she was trying to help and make them understand parts of the constitution and that the people had constitutional rights but then later on in the trial Brown made the comment “When talking about the 1st amendment or the 2nd amendment, they are not absolute.”

All seven of the defendants looked tired but the three still being held Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, and David Fry looked a little more taxed. Despite this I still caught a smile on all seven faces.

To see some of my mentors again and to have them greet me with a smile made sitting through part of the jury selection worth it.

Day 2 – Aubrie


On the Hatfield Federal Courthouse building. Photo Credit: Aubrie Boswoth, Redoubt News
On the Hatfield Federal Courthouse building. Photo Credit: Aubrie Boswoth, Redoubt News

Our last “slow” day before we go to the trial. Trying to enjoy the day the best I can but honestly my nerves are a little shaken up, whether it is because we’re in a city a bit too big for this country girl, or it’s just the excitement of seeing the men I consider mentors again after six months. So far things are working out, God is watching over us and I am blessed to have Shari to remind me that it is all in his hands and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This will be the first federal trial I’ve been to that is this big. It will be a big learning experience for me. I already have learned so much in the last few days. Shari is an amazing mentor and I’m learning so much from her.

News about Pete Santilli came in, I am eager to see how his situation plays out. Patriots are calling it “a big win!” for him.

I hope this kind of news keeps on coming!

God knows the patriots need hope.


Day 1 – Shari

God is certainly calling the shots in Portland! Some things should have gone horribly wrong today, but everything is working out fine, just as He planned it.

We have made it here, are checked in for the night and have tomorrow’s schedule pretty well laid out.

I am not a big fan of Portland. After all, we had a heck of a time finding dinner! Nearly every place we checked was CLOSED for Labor day. How many food service places do that?

Finally found a Taco Bell that was opened. Wow, Four Mexican meals in 4 days. This is gonna kill me. LOL

The bridges here are many, often, and very tall! Some of them are kinda scary for this girl. But, my sidekick is very encouraging. I am blessed to have her with me.

We are looking forward to covering all the Patriots here in Occupied Territory. There should be plenty to see and tell you about.

They have put the word out that the trial could take up to 3 months. However, they have really scaled back what will be allowed. We all know how much some of these legal-beagles like to talk, so it is anybody’s guess as to how long it will take.

They are limiting the number of courtroom observers to 25, so it will be difficult to get in most days, but we will make every effort. If we can get inside at least one day early on, just so they know we are here, it will be a good thing.

It is difficult sometimes to remember that God is in Control, but that is what we hold on to.

Look for updates on this post, as well as special articles from me, and my hot-shot cub reporter, Aubrie. We are both here to bring you the truth of these events!

A beautiful day for traveling. Photo Credit: Aubrie Bosworth, Redoubt News

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