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Are There Political Prisoners in Idaho?

People came from 5 different states to hear and meet with the speakers and attendees.

Political Prisoners in Idaho?

Are There Political Prisoners in Idaho?

By Danielle Ahrens 

Yes there are political prisoners in Idaho and Tuesday night I went to the Idaho Political Prisoner Foundation fundraiser in Meridian, Idaho. The line up of Patriots was amazing with founder Anthony Dephue and Josh Gibbons putting on a program with Ammon Bundy opening in prayer, followed by a video message from Journalist Pete Santilli who holds the record for being the longest held journalist in U.S. history at 619 days.

Next to speak was Representative Dorothy Moon on legislative involvement. Dorothy has District 8 which is the largest in the State of Idaho and comprises 20% of the state. Ammon Bundy, Scott Drexler and Steven Stewart were three of her constituents who were wrongfully incarcerated in Nevada in the Bundy Ranch Protest.

Dorothy wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and had 53 Idaho Legislators sign it then our U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador talked to Sessions about the letter and helped to secure the release of Ammon Bundy, Scott Drexler, Steven Stewart and Eric Parker. We still have Todd Engel of Bonners Ferry in District one being held in Nevada.

When we see our own citizens being incarcerated for their non violent constitutional activism we must unify and stand up for their rights to do so. This is a fundamental freedom in our state and our country.

Up next was Representative Christy Zito and she read a letter from Rachael Ritzheimer the spouse of political prisoner John Ritzheimer.

Anthony Dephue the founder of Idaho Political Prisoner Foundation took the stage next and explained that of the money raised every cent went to the prisoners to buy commissary, phone cards and legal resources that they wouldn’t otherwise have.  The families, spouses and children left on the outside suffer alongside the family member that’s locked up and the available resources dwindle away as most of these adults are the primary breadwinners for their families.

To donate go to Facebook at Idaho Political Prisoner Foundation and there is a donate button or or call 208-996-3637.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Kris Anne Hall on the topic of State Sovereignty.

State Sovereignty is at the heart of our issues today as the states were created to secure the peoples rights and liberties. Why do we grovel to the Federal government for funding when following their rules and regulations costs us more in the long run as a state? The people are kept distracted, divided and discouraged instead of being unified in the cause of Liberty.

We the people have forgotten who we are. It’s not about them its about us. Judges do not issue rulings Kings do. Judges issue opinions. The Supreme court does not issue law, its opinion. There is to be a distinct separation of powers.

The original meaning of the term liberal in our Founding fathers time was ‘liberty was a gift from God’. It’s amazing how words meanings are changed over time. The duty of your state is to secure the rights and liberties of her people. You do not live in a Federal kingdom and nullification is the way to interpose. It is our tool to use to preserve our state sovereignty.

To learn more about Kris Anne Halls message go to and sign up for the first 5 days free.

The Idaho Political Prisoner Foundation put on a very inspiring event and the venue was filled with people who had come in from 5 different states to hear and meet with the speakers and attendees. Thank you Anthony Dephue and Josh Gibbons for putting on such a wonderful event and allowing many of us the honor of meeting with so many people who have sacrificed parts of their lives, sacred honor and fortune so that the rest of us may have freedom for generations.


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  1. Yes there are. The corrupt United States Federal Government eats it’s own citizens for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  2. Here I come Idaho… the lunatic left east coast is unbearable. Thinking because I was a Farmer and in the rural part of the state I would be insulated from the corrupt federal lackeys posing as the governmemt here, Yeah…you kniw how that works… sell it all and retreat to whats still America.

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