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3% Militia Involved in Shooting at Rupert Gun Range


3% Militia Involved in Shooting at Rupert Gun Range


A 12 year old girl was accidentally shot at a Southern Idaho gun range on Sunday, February 21, 2016.

The Idaho Three Percent (3%) were gathered at the Rupert Gun Range when the incident occurred.

Particulars of the event were discussed on Facebook, with President Brandon Curtiss providing the details.

“While clearing a weapon there was an accidental discharge, the bullet hit the metal table under the canopy area and then ricocheted where it then struck the 12 year old daughter of [a 3% member] in the stomach then exiting through her side,” Curtiss explained.

The young girl was airlifted to Portneuf Medical Center in Pocatello where she underwent surgery. She is expected to make a full recovery. It is reported that she has already been released and has made it safely home.

Police are investigating the incident.

Curtiss is asking for donations to the Idaho 3% paypal account to help with the family’s expenses.

The Idaho 3% militia group were not at the 2014 Standoff in Bunkerville, Nevada as the group was formed later by Curtiss, a former tribal police officer. He currently runs a property management company in Meridian, ID.

The group was prominent at the recent protest in Burns, Oregon, conducting interviews and making videos with Internet Shock-Jock (and fellow 3% member) Pete Santilli, and others. They were the self-described security force for Bundy’s group, known as the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom (C4CF).

They were not present when David Fry and the final group of protesters were removed from the Harney County Resource Center (Malheur Wildlife Refuge) on February 11th.

This shooting incident reinforces the need for the appropriate training in firearms safety. Proper training is essential to the safe operation of firearms. One of these issues is maintaining your level of discipline. Unfortunately, familiarity can breed complacency.


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  1. Excellent replies to this article. Lay off the drama and get on with accurate reporting. This isn’t Hollywood.

  2. How about correctly calling it a negligent discharge and not and accidental discharge. it was pure negligence that happened. the owner should have verified the firearm was cleared and empty before stepping away from the firing line. if he was unfamiliar with that particular firearm, he should’ve had someone more familiar with it verify that it was clear and safe.

  3. How about a more realistic title using words like “accidental discharge” rather making it sound like a crime in a NY Times story.

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