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Burns Chronicles – Thomas S. Dyman aka Tom Dyman

If anybody has a picture of Tom Dyman, I would appreciate being provided a copy so that we all know what this informant looks like.

Burns Chronicles – Thomas S. Dyman aka Tom Dyman

Burns Chronicles No 49
Thomas S. Dyman aka Tom Dyman

by Gary Hunt
December 22, 2016

Thomas S. Dyman was considered for a Second Tier position in Operation Mutual Defense (OMD).  The structure of OMD had three tiers.  The First Tier is the Advisory Board.  The Second Tier is those who could assist in research; webpage management, specialty skills, or other capabilities that would work with the Advisory Board.  The Third Tier would be those recruited by the Second tier to assist them, though they would not be under the Advisory Board.

Being recommended by Ryan Payne, he had to fill out an application.  In the application, he admits that he had a criminal record and refers to a background check.  OMD never received the background check.

A search resulted in finding at least one criminal charge against Dyman.  He was arrested in 2011 for having taken his children from his first wife, back in 1995.  The children had become adults, and apparently the charges were dropped.

Dyman now lives in Williston, North Dakota and has a contracting business, Dyman Construction, LLC.

Dyman’s application was submitted to OMD on November 1, 2015, though the application is signed and dated on 10/29/16.  We have to wonder what his intentions were in responding to Payne’s request, since his first report as an informant (CS) was dated November 3, 2015.

That report was dated November 3, 2015 and began with a copy of an article on the Hammonds that had been posted on bundyranchblogspot.  Then, he began reporting on Payne’s plans.

xxxx Payne told multiple CHS’s that he and Ammon Bundy were meeting on the morning of 11/4/2015 and driving to Oregon to meet directly with the Hammonds.  The purpose of the trip was to convince the Hammonds to take a stand against the federal government, and accept OMD and militia-related assistance in preventing their incarceration. Payne indicated he and Ammon Bundy were traveling largely at the insistence of Cliven Bundy, who has been pushing Payne to take additional militia-related actions like the one he led in Bunkerville in 2014. Payne and Ammon Bundy also plan on meeting with the local Sheriff in an attempt to convince him to support their resistance and aid in the effort. They may meet with other local officials, such as County Commissioners as well.

Payne stated that he felt obligated to act in defense of the Hammonds even if they do not request OMD’s assistance. Payne compared the situation to preventing a suicidal man from killing himself. Payne has suggested that if the Hammonds refuse to make a stand at their ranch, OMD should lead a “dynamic action” against the facility receiving them (presumably a prison or U.S. Marshals Service facility) to make it impossible for the Hammonds to turn themselves in.

It should be noted that OMD has recorded all of its Advisory Board meetings where the Hammond situation has been discussed. Payne xxxx and Ammon Bundy intend to record their meeting with the Hammonds, as well as an OMD meeting regarding the matter on Thursday November 5.

The following day, November 4, he provided an additional report based upon his communications with Payne, though it is nearly identical to the first report.  Does he know that he will be paid by the report, and that informing pays better than contracting?

Ryan Payne contacted CHS xxxx to advise that he is traveling to Oregon with Ammon Bundy in an attempt to convince two ranchers to accept militia assistance to resist the federal government. Payne intends to meet Ammon Bundy on the morning of November 4 in southern Idaho and travel together to meet with a father and son by the last name of Hammond in Oregon. The Hammonds were recently sentenced to prison in a case involving the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and Payne feels the criminal case against them is unconstitutional. He has talked to the father, who seems resigned to his fate, but Payne hopes he and Ammon can convince him to accept Operation Mutual Defense (OMD)’s assistance and fight the government. He and Ammon intend to tell the Hammonds that they will have militia forces in place to back down the government if they intend to fight.

Payne claimed that Cliven Bundy has been pushing him to do some kind of militia-related action again soon, and has encouraged Ammon to travel with Payne to encourage the Hammonds to formally request militia assistance. Payne xxxx would be running around like crazy for a few days, and intended to meet with the local Sheriff in Oregon as well as the Hammonds.

In the event the Hammonds fail to accept Payne’s offer of support, he still feels inclined to act to save them from incarceration. He intends to explore options to use militia force to make the Hammond’s self surrender to federal prison impossible. He feels he and OMD have an obligation to prevent their incarceration, and is committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to do so. Payne said that this was one of the most difficult decisions OMD was going to have to wrestle with,

The next report was on November 12, 2015, and is obviously a report on a conversation he had with Payne.

Payne and Hunt worked xxxx on OMD-related matters, as they prepared for the opening of the group’s website, and formal introduction of OMD to the public. The OMD website is being set up by a man who lives in Arizona or Nevada.

Prior to visiting Hunt, Payne was in Oregon with Ammon Bundy, where they were trying to convince the father and son rancher by the last name of Hammond to resist arrest by the federal government. Payne believes the Hammonds are beaten down, and intend to surrender despite the militia’s offer of assistance. Payne and Ammon Bundy also met with the local sheriff in Oregon, and believe he would stand by and allow the militia to protect the Hammonds from the feds.

So, it is clear that Payne’s whereabouts are being fed to the fed.  Here is the November 25 report.

As of November 25, 2015, Ryan Payne was in Montana, but was planning on traveling to Oregon on Monday, November 30. The Advisory Board for Operation Mutual Defense (OMD), has voted against declaring a formal action to protect the Hammond family in Oregon, but Payne is still committed personally to keeping the Hammonds out of prison. OMD board member Jon Ritzheimer has told Payne that he will also be traveling to Oregon to join him in the Hammond-related operation. Payne believes he has also received commitments from several other militia-related individuals to travel to Oregon to defend the Hammonds.

Payne now believes the Sheriff in Oregon does not intend to support Payne in his effort to defend the Hammonds. Payne also claims the federal government has threatened the Hammonds to prevent them from associating with Payne or requesting militia help. Payne described himself as a sheep dog, who must defend the sheep (the Hammonds), even though they don’t know they require defending. Although Payne did not explicitly state his intentions, it was clear to CHS that Payne intends to use military-style force to prevent the federal government from arresting the Hammonds and taking them to prison. Payne did not say what he would do if the Hammonds traveled to voluntarily turn themselves in at a federal facility.

Because the Hammonds have not given Payne or the militia permission to stage an operation on their property, Payne intends to camp out on the public land surrounding the Hammond property. Payne appears to have borrowed money from unknown sources to finance his operation in Oregon. He has indicated he will need to obtain employment after the New Year to pay some of this money back. Because of the Oregon operation, Payne no longer is planning on traveling to Arizona to participate in border related training with OMD in December.

Payne is attempting to acquire Level IV body armor for his operation in Oregon, and wants a Montana militia associate, who is also a body armor supplier, to personally deliver this armor and other supplies to Oregon during the first or second weekend in December. Payne is contacting others who will be responding to Oregon to see if the would like to obtain new body armor from this supplier as well. xxxx CHS believes Payne will be responding to Oregon with his AR-style rifle, other firearms, and full load out of ammunition and magazines.

The next report was made on December 14, 2015.

On the morning of December 14, 2015, Ryan Payne and Jason Patrick were in Seattle on the way to the federal courthouse to attend Schuyler Barbeau’s detention hearing. They want to look the terrorists (meaning the FBI) in the eyes. Patrick expects he will be arrested, but Payne is under strict instructions not to get arrested, as he is supposed to be at a meeting in Harney County, Oregon, regarding the Hammond matter on the evening of December 15.

Payne has been camping with Jason Patrick and others in Harney County near the Hammond Ranch. One of Payne’s teams had to pull out because they were not equipped for the winter conditions in Oregon; however, Payne believes others are on standby to respond quickly to the ranch if needed. He also believes they will be moving into a different facility soon, making winter camping unnecessary. Lack of funding is also a serious issue for the Hammond operation.

Payne believes the crucial militia operation in Oregon will occur around Christmas. He is expecting supplies to arrive from Montana during that time frame, including body armor, firearms, ammunition, night vision, and gear. He also will be expecting more militia associates to start joining him in Oregon around that time.

Despite the challenges presented by weather and lack of resources, Payne is confident that “the time has come,” meaning his much awaited conflict with the government will commence soon. He believes God is bringing this all together perfectly.

Next, we have December 16

On December 16, 2015, Payne contacted CHS to advise that the previous evening’s meeting in Harney County went very well. He was ecstatic, and repeatedly commented that God appeared to be bringing things together very nicely. Payne claims there were approximately 60 people at the meeting, and all were very supportive of the Hammonds. All but one of the people voted to form a Committee of Safety, and seven people were elected to be on that Committee.

Payne seemed pleasantly surprised by the support he received from the people of Harney County, and is having to readjust what he thought would be solely a militia-based effort to protect the Hammonds. He xxxx that it is not necessary for supplies and additional people to be sent to immediately to Harney County xxxx but suggested everyone needed to be ready to respond quickly. He said the militia response would definitely be needed, but just not in the next two weeks.

Payne is turning his efforts toward the Committee of Safety, and the local community rising up to protect the Hammonds on their own. Payne is optimistic that the townspeople may now be able to convince the Hammonds to take a stand against the government, and solicit the help of the militia.

Payne xxxx still was not getting much support from the leaders of the Pacific Patriots Network (PPN), but had received several promises of support from individual PPN members.

The following day, December 17, we have:

On December 17, 2015, Ryan Payne called CHS to request CHS’s support and travel to Burns, Oregon, to provide security for Payne and the Committee of Safety (COS) which had recently been formed in Harney County. Payne indicated that the COS had met for the first time that day, and he had received reliable information that the federal government was planning on trying to arrest Payne and the members of the Committee of Safety within the next few days. Payne requested that CHS travel to Oregon with others to provide a ten-man security detail for Payne and the COS to prevent their arrest. Payne advised that he was also contacting xxxx  militia associates, xxxx  to ask for their assistance.

Next, we have the first report after the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, on January 4, 2016.  It appears that Dyman was involved in soliciting others to participate in the occupation.

Randy Eaton now thinks that it is important to support Ryan Payne’s efforts in Oregon. Eaton was initially against seizure of the refuge building in Oregon, but now believes it is time to support Payne and his associates in Oregon against the feds. Nic Whiting, xxxx  would like to go to Oregon to join Payne as well.

Apparently, Dyman recalled an earlier request made by Payne and now includes that in his reporting.

On December 17, 2015.  Payne sent CHS a link to a website advertising a Element DBAL-D2 red Dot Aiming Laser with IR LED Illuminator Dark Earth. The features listed for this device indicate it can be placed on a 20 mm rail system, and is capable of Infrared illumination and Night Vision observation. In a text accompanying the link, Payne said, “Have you seen these? Get 10. Iol”

On January 5, 2016, Payne learns that Dyman is not willing to travel to Burns.  Apparently, as with Dennis Dickenson, Payne was led on thinking that Dyman was going to come when the time to act came.

Payne indicated he understood he could not count on CHS, and would pursue some other avenues. Payne xxxx has been conducting operations for over three years, including the Bunkerville matter and what is going on in Oregon, and law enforcement has never messed with him.

On January 11, 2016, Dyman repeats that he will not be going to Oregon.  Apparently, Payne finally realized that Dyman was a man of words, not of actions.

CHS told Ryan Payne CHS would not be coming to Oregon to provide supplies, ammunition, and support for Payne’s operation at the wildlife refuge. CHS told Payne CHS was concerned about a recent visit CHS had received from county law enforcement, and the FBI or other officials might attempt to hamper CHS’s travel to Oregon. Payne indicated he understood that he could not count on CHS, and would pursue some other avenues. From several prior conversations, CHS knows that Payne believed CHS might be able to supply body armor, night vision, armor piercing ammunition, rifles, and other equipment. Payne told CHS he has been conducting operations for over three years, including the Bunkerville matter and what is going on in Oregon, and law enforcement has never messed with him. Payne angrily ended the exchange. CHS understood from Payne’s comments that their relationship is now severed.

Now, to provide a little more background, when I wrote Dennis Dickenson (Dennis Jones, you see that FBI Special Agent Mark D. Seyler is listed on a report.  That report is on FBI Form FD-1057.  I have done some research and found that the 1057 form is the results from a search of the government database, based on keyword search criteria.  It appears that Ryan Payne was probably the search request.


Drafted By: Mark D. Seyler
Case ID:  xxxx
Collected From:  xxxx
Receipt Given?: No
Holding Office: SALT LAKE CITY


Operation is a militia-related network founded by Ryan Payne and xxxx.  xxxx Details concerning OMD’s current status and development can be found in the referenced EC # xxxx.  In summary, Payne was the leader of OMD’s precursor organization Operation Mutual Aid, when he helped to instigate the militia response to the Bundy Ranch event in April 2014. He served as Militia Coordinator for the Bundy Family during the standoff against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and is seeking to instigate similar such standoffs against the government through OMD.

The entire 1057 is 6 pages long and gives a detailed account of the workings, and information obtained by Dickenson, of the Operation Mutual Defense (OMD) Advisory Board.  The 1023 forms for Dickenson and Dyman are the only two out of the total 15 reports that have this 1057 in them.  This ties both parties to OMD, and both had submitted the required applications to OMD.

There can be little doubt that these two were recruited to report on OMD, as well as any other information they could obtained from that association.

Tom Dyman is CHS #9, and is an outside informant.


NOTE:  If anybody has a picture of Tom Dyman, I would appreciate being provided a copy so that we all know what this informant looks like.