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Patriots Punished for Going to Bundy Ranch

We must stand strong and fight for our basic liberties! If we don't do it, then who will?

Patriots Punished for Going to Bundy Ranch

Patriots Punished for Going to Bundy Ranch

by Shari Dovale

Jon Ritzheimer and Ryan Payne are friends from way back. They recently met up after months of not seeing each other, and had a great time. With their ladies along side, they enjoyed everything from lunch to Go-Carts.

Then they went to the Bundy Ranch.

Now they are being punished by the Oregon Courts for not knowing they were not allowed to visit with this American family. Judge Anna Brown has decided, after the fact, that these men were not going to get away with supporting the Bundy family.

Both Ritzheimer and Payne are considered co-defendants on the Malheur Protest Trial in Oregon. They each decided to accept plea agreements in that case and are scheduled to begin their sentences soon.

Jon Ritzheimer with Carol Bundy

Jon Ritzheimer accepted a plea agreement in the Malheur Protest trial and was scheduled to begin his incarceration in several weeks. Instead, he will be headed to prison early, on January 12th.

Ryan Payne is currently a defendant alongside Cliven Bundy and his two sons, Ammon and Ryan, in the Bunkerville Standoff trial in Las Vegas. Judge Gloria Navarro recently declared a mistrial in that case and further rulings are expected in the coming days.

Meanwhile, due to the gross misconduct of the prosecutors office, the defendants in Las Vegas have been released under pretrial conditions, with the exception of Cliven Bundy. Payne received additional conditions from Judge Anna Brown in Oregon due to his status in her court. Brown has now ordered him to be placed under house arrest.

Photos from their outing were published on Facebook. This was all it took for Judge Anna Brown to get worked up and call in her proverbial marker.

It was first said that they were not supposed to see each other, as co defendants. However, that was proven to be untrue by the document shown here. The ban for defendants to speak to each other was LIFTED!

It was actually all about them going to the Bundy Ranch. The government does not want anyone supporting Cliven Bundy, or anyone that takes a stand for citizens rights.

These are not the first stories being told about retaliation for supporting citizen rights. The Federal government has cracked down on Liberty-loving patriots around the country just because they can!

If you are an active militia member, if you are vocal about states rights, if you profess your support of the Constitution or call yourselves Patriots, then you are probably being looked at and may be targeted.

Greg Whalen is a disabled combat veteran who spends his days helping other vets and advocating for the US Constitution.

Whalen attended the Million Vet March on Washington DC during the 2013 government shutdown and was photographed removing barricades. Additionally, he went to Bunkerville when he heard about the standoff and removed the “First Amendment Area” sign.

In front of the Las Vegas Federal Courthouse. (Facebook)

Both of these events were listed on paperwork he saw when he was stopped from entering Nellis AFB last spring. He was roughed up, stripped searched, called a domestic terrorist and told not to come back to the base. He has yet to regain his base privileges.

Another vet named John was stripped of his VA benefits after being in Bunkerville, with the VA claiming he refused a mental health evaluation. With these documents in hand, he could not find anyone at the Veterans Administration who knew anything about it, yet he still does not have his disability benefits.

There are numerous stories of patriots being placed on the “No Fly” list, or at least held for several hours before being allowed to travel.

This is government terrorism against it’s citizens! They are punishing people for supporting anyone that stands up for their God-given, Constitutionally-protected rights. If you don’t fall in line with the mandated rhetoric, then the NDAA will become your worst enemy.

Dear Americans: This Law Makes It Possible To Arrest And Jail You Indefinitely Anytime

Under Section 1021, however, anyone who has committed a “belligerent act,” can be detained indefinitely, without charges or trial, as a “suspected terrorist.” This is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and our Bill or Rights. In The Federalist No. 84, Alexander Hamilton stressed the importance of the writ of habeas corpus to protect against “the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.”

What can we do to stop the NDAA?

We fight back. We the People push back against the Federal government’s encroachment on our rights and liberties. Contact People Against the NDAA (PANDA) who have already begun the fight and have resources to share with you.

We must stand strong and fight for our basic liberties! If we don’t do it, then who will?

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11 Comments on Patriots Punished for Going to Bundy Ranch

  1. Josef Stalin would have loved “Judge” Anna Brown. A quote from Stalins Chief of Security: “Show me the man; I’ll find the crime” Browns ilk is recorded in history.

  2. “Judge Anna Brown has decided, after the fact, that these men were not going to get away with supporting the Bundy family.” What was the actual order that she made?

  3. The most tragic fact of all is, American Apathy. Indifference. Anna Brown and Gloria Navarro can do what they are doing because they know that the majority of Americans don’t care, and that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has their backs. Unless we go on a relentless and non stop communication campaign to our elected reps, to Trump, to Sessions and to the Inspector General, then this will only get worse.

  4. P, thank you for asking all those questions that I’m asking. Please, can someone fill in the many blanks missing in this story?

  5. why are they just targeting the men? also what is the amount of time they are getting. you missed alot in this story. like cliven bundy still in jail.. he refused to leave! what are the new restrictions and when did that happen. where is payne under house arrest? at his home? and on an on!

    • Probably just targeting the men, because if they targeted women (the fairer sex), they would be seen as bullies by more people! They have woven their story around the false premise that armed men are scary and illegal. Not true at all. I’m assuming Shari just got the story and will fill in details as she gets them.

      • Lets not forget Shawna…she was tried with the rest of us In Portland. I’ll admit to a strong liking for those Femme Fatales – armed women. Walk a mile in her shoes….Try starting your trip to court in the predawn,staying on point and taking notes all day in court, and arriving back home at dark. End of the day ? No ! it’s time to write the article. Try it !

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