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Cuff Declares Candidacy for Governor of Oregon

My family values are conservative and my public positions will be conservative.


Bruce Cuff

Republican Candidate for Governor of Oregon


Mehama, OR – Local Realtor® enters race for Governor.

Republican and Tea Party Patriots encourage Cuff to enter race.

Bruce Cuff was the favorite of many Tea Party Patriots and conservative Republicans across the state when he ran in the Republican primary in 2014.

Cuff states, “Oregon is at a crossroad. Will Oregon become more or less business friendly?” Cuff believes taxes need to be eliminated on businesses. He states, “Taxes on Oregon businesses only make them less competitive as they try to compete in this global economy. Lower taxes will give businesses an incentive to locate in Oregon. More businesses mean more opportunity for employment for Oregonians. More employment means more revenue for the state. It’s a win-win for Oregon.”

Cuff is also an advocate for county control of Oregon’s federal and state lands. “The management of these public lands should be put into the hands of locally elected county officials who know best the needs of their communities.” He points to recent events in Harney County and the $1.4 Billion class action lawsuit brought by Linn County against the state as confirmation that this approach would be best for local residents.

A strong advocate for school choice, Cuff says, “The money needs to follow the student. Parents should determine what is best for their children’s education.” Oregon is 49th in high school completion rates in the country. He believes that when parents and students have a choice between private and public schools it increases the education models available to the student in order to find the learning method that works best for them.

Cuff has been a residential Realtor® with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (formerly Prudential) since 2001. As a Realtor®, he also served the people of Marion County on the Board of Property Tax Appeals for 5 years. Prior to 2001 he worked for Superior Tire Service, Inc. He served in the U.S Army from 1981 to 1985, serving 3 years in West Germany. Cuff also served the Army National Guard of Oregon while completing his Bachelor Degree in Political Science at Willamette University.

“My family values are conservative and my public positions will be conservative. My wife Vonna and I are both native Oregonians and have raised our four children in this beautiful, unique state. I look forward to meeting people all across Oregon during this election cycle,” states Cuff.

Cuff, 55, has been a resident of the community of Mehama in the North Santiam Canyon since 1990. He and his wife have four children and three grandchildren.



Campaign Email:
Cell Phone: (503) 949-3445

1 Comment on Cuff Declares Candidacy for Governor of Oregon

  1. If Allen Alley enters the race, which apparently is likely, it will be tough to edge him out without serious money and a lot of hard work. Allen is not all that conservative, but is probably well suited for a last minute race in a liberal state like Oregon. I like most of what I read about Mr. Cuff, but I have debated Allen Alley several times and he is a bright guy and very hardworking. And he can probably raise the money to run a serious race. Can Mr. Cuff do that? I have no idea. If he can it would be good to have a serious conservative running.

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