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Sustainable Development Goals #2 In Idaho

Any mother understands that food is a powerful weapon and can be used to influence a child's behavior.  Don't eat dinner, no dessert


Sustainable Development Goals #2 In Idaho

by Karen Schumacher

Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are being implemented across the world, with Idaho being no exception in this scheme. and making its own contributions to SDG #2:  Zero Hunger.

Idaho participates in the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp program, that provides the ability of low-income families to buy food through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card.  This card only allows the purchase of “healthy” food that includes snacks, candy, cookies, etc. 

Like any other assistance program, certain eligibility criteria must be met.  Along with some other criteria, to qualify the family must fall at or below the 130% poverty line, which in 2021 would give a family of four in Idaho approximately $648.00 a month in food benefits.  In January 2023, 123,133 Idahoans, or 6.55%, participated in SNAP.

“Undocumented” immigrants are not eligible for food stamps, and “documented immigrants can only receive food stamps benefits if they have resided within the United States for at least five years”.  However, “there are some exceptions for refugees, children, and individuals receiving asylum in the United States” which probably covers many who are pouring through the southern border right now.

On top of this are other Idaho food programs such as Women, Infants, & Children (WIC), and the school lunch programs, both driven by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  There is also the USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP) administered in eastern Idaho.  The USDA is committed to Sustainable Development, another term used for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

The USDA spent $182.5 billion on food assistance in 2021, and the cost continues to escalate.  Even though the USDA is a federal government program, it is “strategically placed in over 80 countries”, spending over $1.6 billion through its “global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future”, along with multiple other federal agencies.  The “USDA supports global food security“, that is, feeding everyone.  That’s right, the money Idahoans earn is going to feed not only Idahoans, but other countries as well that supports the UN World Food Programme.

With the current skyrocketing food prices, SNAP benefits might not be enough to cover a full month’s supply of food for a family of four, but there are other sources to obtain food.  The Idaho Foodbank is one that provides a broad array of help to Idahoans, and are assisted by multiple corporations, some of which are World Economic Forum (WEF) partners such as Chobani, Bank of America, Walmart, Micron. and of course the United Way.  It even has a map that can be used to locate food resources.

Yet, in spite of these programs, there is the claim that hunger persists, not only in Idaho, but across the world.  At the same time, in 2020, 66.3% of Idaho adults were considered overweight or obese, the obese rate of 31.1% coinciding with the 2022 CDC rate.  Apparently, obesity is another crisis, is increasing, and interfering with the SDG.  Who comprises the obese, those on food assistance programs, or those who can afford to buy their own food?  Hunger persists yet there is a serious obesity problem?  Perhaps it is because there is money to be made on obesity.

Even with this obesity rate, the White House is committing $8 billion more to combat hunger, place more Americans on SNAP and other welfare programs, and advance corporatism. 

However, while the SDG Targets #2.1 and 2.2 are paid for by Idaho taxpayers, the remaining SDG #2 targets are also in progress.

In short, to feed ten billions of people by 2050, the whole food system has to be transformed, including how we eat, how food systems operate, and what we eat.  The WEF even believes “Fixing broken food systems will meet all SDGs.”

But there is a more nefarious agenda behind this system transformation: getting more people onto SNAP; integrating food with healthcare; and changing food standards, categories, and nutrition.  Having more people on SNAP will make it easier to force the use of only certain food such as lab grown meat, fish, and coated fruit.   Demonic agendas always start with the most vulnerable.

In Idaho, the Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force program, with its multiple partners, including Idaho government agencies, achieves several of these transformations.  One is to “increase SNAP participation“, with the USDA paying states for some administrative costs to increase those numbers.  It is following the lead of the White House.

Another of its programs, the Food is Medicine scam, meets the goal of integrating food with healthcare, and is based on the idea of tying together what one eats with their healthcare.  Food, kitchen supplies, dietary instruction, and education are written as a prescription for healthcare reasons and paid for by Medicaid.  Both the USDA and White House have dumped money, that is your tax dollar, into this concept for experimentation and it is being tested in other states.  The Task Force 2022 Year End Report has some interesting information with clear intentions to expand.

What better way is there than a program like this to set the stage for tracking behavior, what someone eats, and how they comply.  Maybe at some point if it is shown they are not complying their full access to healthcare benefits will be turned off, or maybe their access to food.  Isn’t that the point of having a digital identity, so everything we do can be tracked?  Naturally, if tracking is involved, WEF thinks the idea is good and its corporate partners are already participating.  More information on this Food is Medicine scam can be found here.

There has been an increased emphasis for growing one’s own food that is organic, avoiding processed food that contain potential poisons, and joining as a community to grow food.  In light of world hunger and food shortages, the WEF also recommends Community gardens as part of 4thIR.  The community garden concept is being spread throughout Idaho. 

Anything WEF promotes deserves intense scrutiny.  Knowing its plan for dietary changes and how food is produced, why is it promoting growing one’s own food?  Not that community gardens are not a good idea, but what is the WEF’s motivation?  Or is this a solution to the “planned starvation” as Alex Newman suggests starting at the 4″ mark.  Knowing the dangers of how food is grown now by WEF partners, why is it steering people towards growing their own food?  Its Food Systems Initiative will ensure that all food will affected in some way.

Perhaps this whole issue is just another corporate game plan that follows the same steps.  Create a problem (food “insecurity“) that leads to more government dependency, produce food items that contribute to health problems (obesity), which boosts more health sector involvement for tracking, and from all of that, support an unhealthy food market that perpetuates the profit-making cycle.  Round and round we go.

Any mother understands that food is a powerful weapon and can be used to influence a child’s behavior.  Don’t eat dinner, no dessert.  Misbehave, go to bed without dinner.  Behave well, get a treat.  Food is one powerful weapon that can, and has been weaponized for control.  The stage has been set for a very bumpy road ahead regarding food.  In the meantime, Idaho is keeping its hungry fed, along with the rest of the world to meet SDG #2.

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  1. All U.N. and W.E.F. agendas are about population control.
    The one world Satanists intend to use the control of the
    world’s food supplies to murder huge numbers of human beings.
    Bioweapons and starvation seem to be the Satanists preferred
    methods to murder hundreds of millions of human beings. Of course,
    nuclear war with Russia will have the same effect.

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