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They Took A Bullet For Us

August 13, 2023 0

They Took A Bullet For Us WWII was the last Constitutionally declared war by Congress with all multiple subsequent conflicts being decided by an unelected council.  While many countries participated in the fight to end [Read More]


More Places To Boycott

August 1, 2023 3

More Places To Boycott by Karen Schumacher Yum!  What is better than having a pizza delivered by Pizza Hut for those fall football games.  How about when planning a picnic or Mom is getting off late [Read More]

Karen Schumacher

Watch What You Eat

July 9, 2023 0

Watch What You Eat by Karen Schumacher Apeel is a corporation whose product applies “plant-based” protections on fruits and vegetables “to slow the rate of oxidation and moisture loss.”  In doing so, this food maintains [Read More]


IDFG & Wildlife Disease

June 23, 2023 0

IDFG & Wildlife Disease By Karen Schumacher Tremendous dichotomies exist with land management.  Money pours in for forest fire prevention while at the same time forests are allowed to become burdened with fuel loads that [Read More]

Agenda 21/2030

Sustainable Development Goals #2 In Idaho

June 16, 2023 1

Sustainable Development Goals #2 In Idaho by Karen Schumacher Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are being implemented across the world, with Idaho being no exception in this scheme. and making its own contributions to [Read More]


Coming Soon To Your City

June 10, 2023 1

Coming Soon To Your City by Karen Schumacher By now everyone is somewhat familiar with the dangers of smart cities and have heard about 15 minute cities.  These versions of how everyone should live centers [Read More]

Agenda 21/2030

Conservation Is About Connectivity

May 19, 2023 0

Conservation Is About Connectivity by Karen Schumacher It is often difficult to explain something that doesn’t make sense in a way that it does make sense.  Starting with the foundation of the insanity may be the [Read More]

Agenda 21/2030

BLM Lawlessness Continues

May 14, 2023 1

BLM Lawlessness Continues by Karen Schumacher While this information is about southeast Idaho, the issue is relevant for all Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land throughout Idaho. In March 2023, the BLM released its Upper Snake [Read More]

Agenda 21/2030

Moving Forward with The Great Reset

April 15, 2023 0

Moving Forward with The Great Reset by Karen Schumacher Senate bill 1159 was signed by Governor Little on March 30, 2023.  This bill appropriates $100 million to expand broadband access and infrastructure throughout rural Idaho [Read More]

The BLM & Bunkerville lava
Agenda 21/2030

Don’t Let Lava Ridge Become Another Bunkerville

April 11, 2023 1

Don’t Let Lava Ridge Become Another Bunkerville by Karen Schumacher Idahoans probably remember the 2014 standoff that occurred between Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at Bunkerville, Nevada, and also involved Americans [Read More]

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