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Oath Keepers Targeted Red

This book also features where I met Stewart Rhodes - two years before he created Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers Targeted Red

Oath Keepers Targeted Red

Howdy! Amazing News!

Ol’ Elias Alias has written a book using his legal name, Franklin Shook.

I received a lot of phone calls from news agencies in the summer of 2001 after the People went to visit their Capitol on January 6. I decided to write a book that would not be subject to Internet deletion or MSM spin. It took me over a year, which explains my lengthy silence — I was immersed in it! Now it’s published, almost 600 pages on paper.

Get ready for a new writing style that is a unique blend of fact and fiction, para-psychology and metaphysics, inspection of overt totalitarianism and clandestine mind control. Enjoy the story-line as the book takes readers into the mysterious realms of 21st Century Schizoid Statecraft and the targeting of Oath Keepers as the new domestic enemy.

By clicking the above picture of my book’s front cover one will see the book’s page on one. By clicking that same picture in left-column on the page, one may read the Foreword and a few pages of “Day One at the Lost Grizzly Saloon”, the book’s first chapter. That much will let anyone know that this book “ain’t like any other book” in Amazon’s “political fiction” category. It reads like a novel.

Considering the current political climate, spearheaded by the infamously choreographed J-6 Select Committee, this book uses an abstract over-view featuring figurative language of a poetic hermit inmixed with government documents and tidbits of hidden history during an eleven-day excursion through a scenario of dueling interviews between a Washington Washboard News journalist (“Ms. Tammy”) and a former founding member of the Oath Keepers Board of Directors (“Elias Alias”). I include some of my happiest memories as a Board member during Oath Keepers’ first six years, and I also look into some of the problems which caused the State of Nevada to declare Oath Keepers, Inc., is now in default.

The settings for Tammy’s and Elias’ discussions feature various locations around western Montana. You may enjoy the story of two juxtaposed minds as day by day the two diversely rooted individuals, Tammy the journalist with Ol’ Elias as her target, discuss the organization known as Oath Keepers among many other related matters.

This book also features my 22 years with The Mental Militia, which is where I met Stewart Rhodes two years before he created Oath Keepers, and is a sketchy autobiography of my 77 years on Earth. Marijuana smoking and spiritual metaphysics permeate the plot line along with various Federal conspiracies such as Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board and the 1993 CIA intra-agency white paper on how CIA employees should counter the arguments of “conspiracy theorists” who dared question the Warren Commission report and, well, if you’re reading this email you know the scope of official mischief threatening the American culture.

Here is the link to my author’s page:

And here is the link to the book’s front page: (good as of Nov 10 2022)

(If a link doesn’t work, go to and type into their search bar “Oath Keepers Targeted Red” and choose the issue published on November 7, 2022. Of the two issues listed on the page, choose the November 7 edition.)

If you buy the book at Amazon you will be able to leave a written review of the book.

If you buy the book directly from me through the mail, you will get an autographed copy mailed to you. But note please — you’ll get a copy of the book more quickly from Amazon, so you may wish to buy one there and start reading asap and also order one from me for your autographed copy.

For those who prefer to buy with checks or money orders through the mail, be sure to include your snail mail address and the name to whom you wish to have me autograph the book.
Make $25.00 payable to “The Mental Militia, LLC” and mail to:

The Mental Militia, LLC
P.O. Box 916
Eureka, Montana, 59917

Blessings! and Thank You!
I hope you enjoy!
Elias Alias aka Franklin Shook — or is it, Franklin Shook aka Elias Alias?    😉

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