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School Board Elections

School board elections are as important as the city, county, state, and national elections.

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School Board Elections

By Pete Ketcham

In the political process of the nation, the school board elections are as important as the city, county, state, and national elections.

There is now a significant movement of parents confronting liberal school boards at meetings, and also running for school board positions, which is a good start to return our education system back to the nation’s founding principles.

At the present time socialist based programs such as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the 1619 Project are integrated into many schools across the nation. The curriculum of these programs are designed to destroy the student’s patriotism and pride in the nation by teaching a false history of our nation. In addition to that, both the depraved LGBT+ agenda, and “climate change” activism are also being promoted in the national school system.

Despite the conservative progress in the K-12 schools, there does not seem to be any effective countering force against the woke anti-American indoctrination of university students. One of the reasons there is no conservative progress in the universities is that they are well financed and are immune to any outside conservative influence. Another reason is, they are not controlled by a public school board, but by boards of regents or trustees which in many cases are appointed by the state governor. Those selected to be on these boards are required to have the “right political outlook”, which in most cases is that of a liberal Democrat.


Many conservative speakers have attempted to present the God-fearing constitutional view point to the university students, but for the most part they have been prevented by chaotic protests by the students, and lack of cooperation by the university administration. At this time there is no avenue of conservative influence into the universities, and thus the good efforts at the K-12 school board level are nullified at the university level.

Lastly, It is obvious that a conservative strategy needs to be developed that will penetrate the liberal shield surrounding the university system. Perhaps the bases of this strategy could be a program to gain control of the funding of these universities.

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