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The Coming Government Avalanche

There is no “perfect bill” that will ever be passed to protect our rights from an oppressive government

The Coming Government Avalanche

The Coming Government Avalanche

by Rep. Heather Scott

Idaho folks are generally less fearful than others around the country, but even Idaho citizens are getting jittery about whether the majority of their elected officials will step up and defend those rights and liberties we hold so dear. The overt and covert governmental and globalist assaults on our nation, state, and citizens, has been staggering, and there is good reason to be jittery. If you are depending on your elected state and local politicians/leaders to protect you, you could be making a big mistake.   

The coming avalanche is churning with federal gun restrictions; forced vaccines;  immunization passes; forced mask mandates by corrupt courts, judges, city officials and hospitals; illegal aliens flooding our country; cozy China-Idaho relationships; critical race theory for pre-school kids; social justice; black lives matters and Antifa; higher taxes; corrupt elected officials; contact tracing; interagency data sharing; national and state spending; carbon credits; election fraud; and the list could continue on for many pages. Never in my life have I witnessed such broad sweeping changes to our Republic so quickly. The bitter carrot is big and shiny and disguised as covid relief.

I never tire of reminding citizens that elections have consequences because I am reminded every day the legislature is in session and the governor is in the Capitol!  The lack of strong Idaho-focused leadership is glaring. Unfortunately, so many of Idaho’s state legislators either turn a blind eye, or openly embrace these changes happening to our country and state. Many bills have passed, from creating committees to study illegal alien drivers’ licenses (SCR107), to funding pre-kindergarten (0-8 yrs old) critical race theory training (SB1193), but not much has passed to help protect Idaho citizens’ rights or our state sovereignty.  And now the focus has turned to spending the 5.3 billion soon-to-be hyperinflated dollars coming into Idaho to federalize our state, with no consideration for the strings attached.

Handing Over Idaho on a Silver Platter Part 1

Handing Over Idaho on a Silver Platter Part 2

The Great Reset and Idaho’s Future

Over 5 billion dollars will likely be coming into Idaho and the legislature is not even entertaining discussions on  whether or not we should take the money with all the strings and programs attached. With this mentality, we can certainly expect bigger problems than we currently face. 

Rep. Nate does an excellent job of detailing the awaited woes if Idaho chooses to accept this trojan horse disguised as “disaster relief” funds.  

Massive ARPA $$ Threatens Idaho Sovereignty (by Rep. Ronald Nate)

 The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) puts Idaho in the position to receive over $5 billion dollars in direct payments, programs, and grants.  For perspective, this is 25% more than the entire annual state general fund budget. 

On its own it is foolhardy.  Given that Idaho has already received over $3 billion from CARES I and CARES II funding, the new assistance and stimulus from ARPA is downright obscene.   Many of the ARPA provisions apply to the next several years, for instance 2021 to 2025; however, some span longer time periods.

The money comes with strings.  It is tied to programs, limited for specific purposes, and requires limitations on our state’s other budget categories (like tax relief). 

When Idaho, or any state, takes money from the federal government, we become slaves to the federal government.  We must behave a certain way to keep the funds, or keep the funds flowing.  We must restrict our actions in other areas.  We become dependent on the massive money transfers and we will do what the feds want to keep the money coming. 

Idaho has an important decision to make.  Do we accept the money and the rules, and the loss of self-determination, or do we try to retain a modicum of sovereignty? 

For me, the decision is clear: IDAHO SHOULD REJECT THE FUNDING!!

The best solution I see for the state of Idaho is engagement of the citizens in our whole governmental system-not just on a specific issue. Citizens need to understand the basics of government starting with all power is in the people. Our rights come from God, not government and government is set up to secure and protect our rights. The constitution is a social contract set up between the people and the government we created to tell government what it could do.  

History has shown that as government continues to grow, it oppresses the rights of citizens, even in Idaho.   Please stop thinking government is going to fix the problems that they have created. Passing an Idaho bill to protect gun rights might help, but surely it won’t stop a federal gun confiscation program if Idaho has sealed its fate with its addiction to federal funds.

There is no “perfect bill” that will ever be passed to protect our rights from an oppressive government. Oppressive governments only get replaced when people unite their power and replace the offending characters.  Citizen engagement and involvement in the election process needs to become a priority today for all Idaho citizens with the jitters.

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